7 Cute Ways to Tell Them You are Sorry

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Mistakes are inevitable, but the fight that usually ensues can be avoided. If not avoided, then most certainly it can be tamed and not get blown out of proportion! If you’ve angered your partner, you must know how to surmount. Check these 7 adorable ways, to win their love back:

1. Fun Anger Release


The first and foremost way to soothe off anger is to construct fun ways for releasing their fury. Leave a water gun along with a note, which says sorry, and instruct them that if they want to hunt you down, they are allowed to shoot. Don’t play too hard to find, and once they spot you, playfully run away from the water shots. Grab your water gun too and squeeze water on him. By the end of the game, you both will have laughed and played together so much that he/she will forget all the anger.

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2. Use Those Puppy Eyes as a Trick


What does your puppy do when you’re yelling and shouting at him? He makes those awfully cute eyes do all the talking and snap! Your anger disappears. Use the same trick to melt your partner’s heart. Sit next to him/her; apologies profusely and meanwhile, and let your eyes do all the talking. If they don’t budge in the first or second attempt, don’t lose heart. They will eventually notice and cheer up; thanks to that adorable and apologetic look on your face!

3. Take the Help of Food


Everybody loves food! Who would say a ‘no’ to their favorite food? Bake your guy/girl their favorite cake (and write “I’m sorry” on top of it); order their favorite pizza home or try your own cooking skills too. They will totally love this gesture and ha! You’ll get to eat the good food too!

4.  Write them a Poem (even a poem that sucks)


Writing them a poem will show them how much thought and effort you’ve given into the matter. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out to be a masterpiece; most probably, they’ll love it in any case (try to rhyme the words). Leave the poem somewhere, they’d certainly see. Let them laugh and see how funny and witty you are.

5.  Attack them Playfully

Woman embracing her boyfriend

Turn this whole anger into something lovable. Bestow hugs, hugs, kisses, and occasional tickles on them. When you act this cute and endearing, no one can stay mad at you for long. But don’t go overboard; otherwise your partner will be even more annoyed than earlier. If he/she appears agitated, give up and say that you’re sorry once again.

6. Custom Backgrounds


Customize the background of your partner’s most frequently- used gadget. Pick their laptop, phone, tablet or whatever it is they use most; create a background showing how apologetic you are. If you can, add a picture of you, looking all regretful and remorseful, or even holding a handwritten note saying that you’re sorry. Isn’t that a really effective way to apologize?

7. Dress- up for Them


When you dress up for someone, you are paying them a huge compliment. When your partner is a cross with you, wear something they’ve often appreciated on you. It could be that white shirt she says you look hot in or that little skirt he calls pretty (or sexy or any other adjective). Try to strike a conversation, and mention that you feel really special whenever he/she praises you, even for small yet special things.