7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid


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We all are obsessed with our skins and do anything and everything to protect it, like we keep acne and blemishes at bay; exfoliate regularly to keep away the dead skin, and follow all other such procedures. As it is said that the excess of everything is harmful, it goes for our skincare as well. There are few things that you should take care of while caring for your skin. Here are few common skincare mistakes to avoid.


1.  No Sunscreen in Your Daily Skin Regime


It is the biggest concern for your skin. Many women and girls come up with the fact that why do they need to apply sunscreen when they are not getting exposed to sun? And the answer is that whether you go out or not, you should always apply a sunscreen. UV rays not only come from sunny rays, but they can be present indoors as well. They can be emitted by your tube-lights and other bulbs. So, always wear a sunscreen to cover up your skin from UV damage, as skin cancer is the biggest cancer spreading among women these days.

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2.  Overly Exfoliating Your Skin


Over exfoliation of skin is another major skincare problem. Most of the women and girls overly exfoliate their skin so that no dead cells appear on their face. However, in doing so they forget that exfoliation should not be done more than once in a week. Exfoliating once a week gives your skin enough time to replenish and rejuvenate, but exfoliating more than that can cause dry, irritable skin with wrinkles and even scars.

3.  Sleeping with Makeup


Okay! If you have blemishes and scars, it’s good to hide such imperfections with makeup, but what most women do is they come back home from a party and sleep with makeup on their skin. This is the biggest skincare blunder to commit. Nighttime is the best time for your skin to renew cells and improve upon its texture, but makeup becomes a hindrance to the growth and replenishment of your skin. So, always remember to wash away the makeup, using the best makeup remover and sleep with a moisturizer on your skin.

4.  Inadequate Sleep


Insomnia is becoming a major problem of concern these days amongst both men and women. Preoccupancy of work and hustle-bustle of life leave you with no time to sleep. As I told you that skin rejuvenates best during night. So it is highly essential for you to take adequate sleep for 8-10 hours. Inadequate sleep will cause problems like dark circles, puffy eyes and dullness.

5.  Skin Feed


What you eat affects your health. Similarly, what your skin eats will affect its health. Actually, what you eat as your diet is the diet for your skin. If you eat too much of junk food or oily food, it will be reflected on your face the next day. If you eat nutritious food such as fruits, green veggies and eggs, you will have a glowing and radiant skin throughout the year.

6.  Becoming Over Possessive


If you are a skin conscious woman or girl, it is highly appreciated but it is said that excess is bad, so do not become overly conscious about your skin. Some women have flawless skin, but if they break out even once in a month, they become crazy about it. They start trying 100s of products to combat that one acne, which will disappear naturally in 3 days. Trying and experimenting with so many different products may make your skin more susceptible to such problems and vulnerable as well.

7.  Bad Choice of Products


If you break out, you start using all sorts of oil absorbing products in the market.  Many people don’t even realize that there is a difference between oily skin and acne causing skin. It is not necessary that you will break out for sure if you have an oily skin texture. Always try and test products on your skin and only then finalize such products in your daily regimen.

So, now you have read these mistakes; make sure that you do not commit them ever in your life again and will always follow these tips.

Good Luck!