7 Bizarre Love Myths

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Love myths are silly I know! But at times they are a bit overrated, surprisingly romantic, or it could be too depressing! But the question is “why do we believe in them? Stop wondering! Nevertheless how boring it sounds… The truth is… It is we who are in charge of our love life! And, if you look for most bizarre love myths, you will surely get the answer to your questions.


1. We love once in a life time

One life… One chance… One love! Are you serious? It’s hard for me to believe this. My suggestion for all those people who think… Love only happens once is to explore other species of man too in the world. The difference will only matter in the DNA’s. Hope that is okay?

2. Love happens with a spark

Wait! Love is not a big bang theory that would flash and spark the entire universe.  “I saw him in the gym, and I knew he is the right guy I am going to marry”. Hold on! Gals… Sometimes things go wrong with an instant spark and the actual fireworks bang later.

3. And they lived happily after!

This is one my favourite myths that people usually believe.  People in love… Lived happily ever after! I know it sounds great, but life after commitment is never smooth. We have to admit that we put forward the wrong foot ahead in life, and then starts the… Tug of War!

4.  Jealousy is another name for love

This applies for all of you (except for not being possessive for your exes). Jealousy is not a call for I love you! Experiencing this bitter feeling is completely okay. If you are madly in love why would you be jealous? One can be a lil insecure but Jealous? Neh!

5. Love is all about saying “I luv u”

Well, I would rate this as a factual misconception rather than a myth.  Gals, saying “I love you” is not the factor that weighs your relationship. Actions speak waaay more than the three magical words. So, if you want to know that he loves, then look at his actions closely (serious actions okay!).

6. Love is romance, passion and attraction

Well, life is not a Shakespeare’s play. All things in life fade out eventually. People grow out of love suddenly! At some point in life, romance, passion and attraction turn into respect, devotion and caring. Isn’t that true?

7. It was in my destiny

Oh! “They are made for each other in heaven! Its fate! This one liner is often used for perfectly matched couples. And this definitely turns off the “not so happy couples” making them feel guilty in the midst of others. Every relation has its ups and downs, but all of them compromise and live on! Remember, you can’t get everything in a silver bowl.

Well, if all of this was true, God would send our Mr. Right in the form of a pizza guy or a courier guy. Coz they bring an instant smile on our faces! Lol!