7 Best Herbal Treatments for Sunken Eyes

The exquisiteness of a girl must be seen from her eyes because that is the entrance to her heart, the place where love dwells.

Well said! But, sometimes these eyes can also rob your youthful appearance. Sunken eyes take the natural beauty away and can make you look exhausted, tired, and old. Treat them before they steal your ravishingly awesome looks.


Try these home remedies to heal the sunken eyes:

  1. Mix ½ Tsp of almond oil with one Tsp of honey. Apply and leave it for the whole night.
  2. Immerse 4-5 almonds in water at night. The next morning, peel and eat them. Drink a glass of milk over it. Do it for at least one month. It will surely work.
  3. Mix pineapple and cucumber juice in equal quantities. Add few drops of almond oil to it. Apply it twice a day. You will get rid of sunken eyes within a few days.
  4. Slice raw potato into thin layers. Put these slices on both the eyes, for ½ hour. It will provide necessary nutrients to the skin around your eyes.
  5. Put warm or cold teabags on your eyes, for 10-15 minutes. It stimulates blood circulation around your eyes.
  6. Take sandalwood powder and add rosewater to form a paste. Apply it on sunken areas below your eyes. It soothes the skin and cures the sunken eyes.
  7. Take rosewater in a cup. To it, add 3-4 drops of almond. Soak the cotton balls of the size of your eyes, in this solution, and keep it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Try it for 2 weeks, regularly.

Some Quick Tips for Curing Sunken Eyes

Most of us spend at least 8 hours in front of the computer. Eyes may get tired working for a long duration. So, here are some tips for relaxing your eyes:

  • Take adequate sleep.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Splash the eyes with cold water, 4-5 times a day.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Use sun glasses.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Include tomato, green leafy vegetables, buttermilk, sprouts, papaya, and carrot.
  • Rub your palms and put them over your eyes. Repeat for 3 to 4 times. It will provide relax.
  • Blink the eyes fifteen times in a minute.
  • Drink eight glasses of water, each day.

As your eyes reflect your personality, so take special care! Hope that the above remedies and tips will help you to smarten your eyes.