7 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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I am a green tea lover. I don’t love it for its taste… no way!! I drink it because I am being told to. Well, honestly it keeps my weight under control. I am a kind of person who would go for natural remedies rather than taking loads of pills for losing weight. If I had penned down this article “Benifits of Green Tea” ten years ago, you would probably call me mad or crazy. Today, green tea doesn’t need any introduction. Though, it’s sad that we came to know about this health drink much later, but it’s never too late! After conducting my deep studies on green tea, I decided to write an article on it.

1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

After a scientific study, it was found that the EGCG element in green tea lowers the growth of cancer cells. Two cups a day can reduce the chances by 18% of developing a lung cancer. So, why to stay behind? It’s just about two cups a day!!

2. Lowers The Pain Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you had been going through the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, then ease your pain by drinking tea. The ECEG guards the cartilage and lowers the pain and swelling caused. Drink green tea… coz this is what the doctor has prescribed.

3. Maintains Cholesterol Level

Do you have a high cholesterol level, and just can’t find any method to lower it? Well, worry not! Green tea converts the bad cholesterol into an oxidized form, and makes your arteries clean. Moreover, it also lowers the chances of strokes and heart attack.

4. Immunes Body System

Do you constantly fall sick and feel weak? Do you have sore throats most of the times? Then, this wonderful tea can boost your immune system in winters. So, that you don’t fall sick again and again.

5. Keeps You Slim

Now, who doesn’t want to look slim and shed those extra pounds? What if two cups of green tea would do that for you? Green tea increases your metabolism rate and keeps you fit and active. Who wants to pile on those pills and tablets for losing weight… when you can start your day with green tea? Am I right?

6. No More Tooth Decay

Do you have tooth problems or have the fear of tooth decay? Then, sip green cuz “green a day keeps the decay away”. It fights against the plaque and bacteria on the teeth. Another benefit is that it will lower the risk of all the gum problems.

7. Anti- Aging And Prevents Acne

After reading this advantage, I am sure many of you would start drinking this incredible tea. Green tea contains an antioxidant named as polyphone which promotes longevity. Also, earlier I had acne problem which got treated after drinking tea cuz green tea contains certain antibacterial properties. Isn’t that great?

I am sure after this, you must have made up your mind in drinking this incredible tea…  if not then make up your minds soon because according to a Chinese proverb “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea of one”.

Note: Don’t stuff your tea cups with loads of sugar. Have tea with very little sugar.