6 Yummy Dishes Your Kids Will Love

Kids universally have the tendency to say ‘no’ to heavy meals, and at times, they like to grab something lighter, appealing, and fun. Nothing delights the kids more than a meal or a dessert of their choice! And, Feminiya gives you the perfect opportunity to become a winner of their hearts, with these healthy surprises.

Involve yourself in preparing some nutritive, scrumptious, and stomach filling appetizers for your kids, and let them shower all their love on you.

1. Paneer Frankie


Read recipe here:  Paneer Frankie

2. Oatmeal Bars


Read recipe here:  Oatmeal Bars

3. Masala Vadai


Read recipe here: Masala Vadai

4. Rava Idli


Read recipe here: Rava Idli

5. Masala Popcorn


Read recipe here: Masala Popcorn

6. Cheesy Macaroni


Read recipe here: Cheesy Macaroni

Not only enticing, but the given dishes are also a terrific source of rich nutrients. These recipes cater the exclusive demands of children- with growing age. Break their meal monotony and delight them by trying these healthy surprises.

Happy Cooking!