6 Ways In Which You Can Support Animal Rights

Very often we’ve shown extreme disgust of the ways animals are treated. Though not all of us are unsympathetic to the needs and rights of the animals around us, there are many who show apathy. So here are 6 practical ways, which can help you do something for this kind, selfless creatures.

Please read on and make use of them:


Adopt an animal

Does your heart not go out to the millions of love deprived animals that are homeless and in need of shelter? If it does, we suggest you to please adopt an animal, anyone that you fancy, be it a dog, cat, goat, etc. Providing them with the comfort of a home will greatly aid the animal rights groups, because they too, run out of resources, to feed all of them at some point. So if, you’ve visited an animal rights shelter and felt disheartened to see those caged animals, please bring home one (or two!!) and suggest your friends to do the same.

Avoid entertainment that involves animals

This involves bullfights, monkey shows, circuses and hunting. If you show any kind of support or provide monetary assistance to such things, they thrive, and that is what keeps them going. These industries further continue to torture the helpless animals and in this way, crime perpetuates. So, please avoid any kind of relationship with such heinous acts (be it providing them with money or attending them in person). Often, these immoral acts are termed as “sports”. However, sports are ethical and healthy and do not encourage torturing of animals. Therefore, spread as much awareness as you can.

If toiletries and cosmetics say “tested on animals”, shun them immediately

Companies test their products on animals because that is a cheaper mode to resort to. Though chemical science has now progressed to an extent wherein products can be tested chemically (and not on animals) in order to determine whether they are harmful to animals or not, some brands still subject animals to this torture. So if, you spot products saying they have been tested on animals, you know you have to avoid them because the company is only saving its money.


Always report animal abuse

Each time you turn a blind eye to someone being abusive to animals, or ill treating them, you are silently supporting animal abuse. And you may ask how? That is because though you might not be taking part in such atrocious activities, you are not doing anything to stop it either. So the next time you see cock fights, dog fights, someone kicking or beating their pet (or any animal), or starving their pets, report it to the authorities in your town (and do it anonymously if you please). But do this for sure.

Be a vegetarian

A major part of animal abuse comes from animal farming. And though we have heroes working to stop this awful act, it is impossible to be everywhere at all times. Even if, cases are reported in court against animal abuse, severe action is rarely taken. So it is very important that we remove this evil from the very root. Realize  that animals are living creatures too, as alive as we are. They breathe, eat, get thirsty and feel pain when are beaten, tortured and ill treated. And most importantly, just like every living person, do not want to die. So why eat something that is just as alive as you are? Put an end to this industry altogether. Go green. Live healthy.

Instead of supporting euthanasia charities, support charities that prefer neutering

Animals breed more often and deliver more babies than humans. But that does not mean that we kill them on our whim and fancy. So instead of euthanasia, a wiser option would be neutering so that no more unwanted pets are brought into the world.


We request you to please give up on wearing leather and enjoying meat, and spare thought for the cause of these wonderful creatures. It wouldn’t cost much to make people aware about their pitiful condition through e-mails, your Facebook page or by word of mouth. They too, deserve a chance at a happy, healthy life.