6 Useful Tips to Keep Diseases At Cove

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Living in a big city, which is surrounded by irritating traffic, busy world of it’s own, women filled with sweat while travelling, dirty cover of rickshaws, or other mode of transport… It’s not easy to live in a big city, without coming in contact of germs, isn’t it?

Read on few essential tips to live germs free.

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1. Don’t forget to wash your hand


If you are travelling, there are chances to come in contact of different viruses, so it’s good if you keep sanitising your hands, and make sure after coming home- the first thing to do is, wash your hands with soap.

2. Carry Sanitizer


As I said, keep sanitising, and carry a hand lotion with you.

3. Avoid rubbing your eyes


Eyes infection is caused by rubbing eyes with unhygienic hands.

4. Washed Socks


It’s our socks, which carry the bacteria and dust, so it’s preferable to wash your socks daily, to stay clean and healthy.

5. Avoid handkerchiefs and Carry Tissue


Keep carrying tissues in your bag, while commuting. Tissues can be left after cleaning the sweat, and also don’t accumulate any infection.

6. Other Things to Know


  • We have seen many people, playing with hair, but it’s not a good sign of living healthy. It transfers germs and bacteria to your hands.
  • If you stink, kindly use a deodorant, it will not only stop the bad odour, but also will kill the chances of germs reproduction, on your skin.
  • If you are playing with pets, do wash your hands.

I hope you will learn from the tips, and will choose to stay free from bacteria.