6 Tourist Hot-Spots That You Must Visit in Udaipur

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Hey everyone out there! How are you all doing? I know that you all are doing great and having a steadily happy life. You all have a set of routine work to do for the day, like rouse early in the morning, get your kids ready for their schools or college, prepare breakfast for family, and then do rest of the household work that passes your time. Although you find time for recreation by going to salons, spa and shopping, but besides that you need a complete relaxing and rejuvenating break that lets you have a quality time with your family, whilst filling your life with nonstop fun and entertainment.


Yes, I am talking about the much needed break that you seek – a holiday. Family holidays lets you forget all the worries and problems of life and have cozy and memorable times with your family, a time that you cherish for lifetime. So, I have decided to write on different tourists’ attractions of India, as well as the world where you can plan to go and have cozy times together with your near and dear ones. To start with, I have chosen the royal land of Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan is the largest Indian state by area and perhaps the richest state, when it comes to culture, ethnicity and traditions. The state is so filled with colors that from the costumes of its native to its monuments and forts, you will find colors, colors, and colors everywhere. Literally, Rajasthan means the land of kings, and every corner of the state speaks about the glory and chivalry of royal Rajputs of Rajasthan.

Amidst the royal and sandy land of Rajasthan, here lies the Venice of East- Udaipur that is pampered and tranquillized by the lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Swaroop Sagar Lake.

Places to Excurse While Travelling to Udaipur:

#1- City Palace


The majestic structure that poses over the beautiful lake Pichola is one of the most enthralling structures of the land of Udaipur. It was built by Maharana Uday Singh II, and it extends up to 240 meters. It is built in an extremely flamboyant style as an amalgam of British and Mogul architecture.  Interiors of this palace include many small and big palaces, museums, gardens and more to visit.  City palace complex is built of entirely marble and granite.

Few Destinations within City Palace:

  • Amarvilas


It’s a raised garden that is located in the uppermost court inside the complex of city palace. It is the highest point of city palace, and you can get to see fountains, gardens, and towers within this area of city palace.

  • Durbar Hall


It was built in 1909, within Fateh Prakash Hotel (now a heritage hotel), and was used by royal ladies to observe the proceedings of the royal court. Some of the weapons along with the unique portraits of royal kings have been displayed in the Durbar Hall.

  • Fatehprakash Palace


It is now run as a luxury hotel. This palace has a crystal gallery that is inaccessible to public which has crystal chairs, dressing tables, jeweled carpets that have never been used even once.

  • Zenana Mahal


In English, it means women’s palace and has exquisite balconies, colored windows, tiled walls, and floors. It has now been converted into a museum.

  • Rang Bhawan


This Bhawan used to contain all the treasure of the royal kings. It has also got temples of Lord Krishna, Shiva and Meerabai.

Besides these, there are lot of interesting places to visit within the city palace area, like Sheesh Mahal, Krishna Vilas, Jagdish Temple and more.

#2- Lake Pichola


This luscious lake is encircled by various forts, monuments, bathing ghats, temples, and local houses. It adds to the opulence of the Udaipur. One can get to see the amazing view of sunrise and sunset with the tranquilizing water of the lake, if staying in a lake view hotel. Although it is an artificial lake, it gives you a feel of freshness and energy, nothing less than a natural one.

#3- Fateh Sagar Lake


It is yet another artificial lake of Udaipur, but its serene and calm water and surroundings make it a must visit for every traveler, on his voyage to Udaipur. There are three major islands, located in the lake: Nehru Park that has a restaurant and a zoo, a public park with a water-jet fountain, and a solar observatory. Both the lakes are inter-connected via canal system and both of them can be reached via short boat rides.

#4- Saheliyon Ki Bari


It is the most beautiful garden of Udaipur. It was made for the 48 maidens who accompanied the princess of Udaipur, as a part of her dowry. Whilst visiting this garden one can witness the marvelous lotus pools, elephant shaped fountains, and marble pavilions.

#5- Jag Mandir


It’s an island located amidst Lake Pichola. It was used as a summer resort for hosting parties by the royal family. Tourists can now witness the enchanting sun-set while having a sip of coffee with loved ones, or can even stay overnight to witness the glory of royals of Rajasthan.

#6- Lake Palace


Located amidst Lake Pichola, Lake Palace is a high-end luxury hotel by the Taj Group of hotels, and is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations of India. One cannot enter to visit the palace, but if you are staying inside the hotel for overnight or so, you can witness the opulence and beauty of this majestic palace built in Rajasthani and Mogul style.

How to Reach Udaipur?

You can reach Udaipur easily without any hassles of travelling. It is connected to all major cities of India via train, bus and air transport. Daily flights run between Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai.  Over the last few years, rail route has also improved quite a lot, and now, the city has trains running to and from metros such as Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. One can also arrive at Jaipur or Ajmer and then take a bus to Udaipur.

So, get ready and start planning up for your trip to the Venice of East- Udaipur and have memories to last a lifetime.