6 Top Flop Cosmetic Surgeries of B-town

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Going under the knife is as common among our Bollywood actresses as among Hollywood actresses. To take the help of surgery to make their faces look more beautiful is a common practice among celebrities. Sadly, surgery always doesn’t turn out the way they want it. To some of the celebs it was a pleasant experience – Priyanka Chopra to name and contrarily some got very-very bad results.

Similar to Hollywood, we can find some disasters in our b’wood too. There are some terrible examples of cosmetic surgery that are truly proved disastrous. Let’s catch a glimpse of such ‘hasinaas’ with their “before” and “after” surgery looks-

Koena Mitra

This Bengali beauty tops the list of the awful surgery. She underwent the knife a couple of times to put her nose in shape but unfortunately, outcomes never came positive. Her surgery is so bad that she is being called as a ‘Michael Jackson’ of India by many. This isn’t all! To improve her average looks, she also went for ‘silicon implants’ to boost her twin assets. She lost in the gamble of plastic surgery and ended up being in the category of looking girls of Bollywood.

Rakhi Sawant

The drama queen, Rakhi Sawant is next. She underwent the surgery for breast augmentation- to match her big mouth! The bigger boobs too failed to help her to bag big, good roles. With so many nips and tucks, she has now become an ARTIFICIAL girl whose most of the body parts are surgical. But, nothing worked in her favor, all her repeated attempts failed. Her face is still disfigured and scarred.

Juhi Chawla

An attractive actress of 90’s, sweet Juhi who ruled hearts of her fans with her pretty smile, spoiled her look by visiting the plastic surgeon. She didn’t find her nose in shape and chose to get a nose job. Bad decision! Surgery made her nose look uglier instead.  As you can see in the pic, she looks much changed and the change is not positive.

Preity Zinta

She is another actor who became the victim of bad nose job, though she never admits that she had artificial enhancement.  Well, it didn’t bring any positive result to her career as she still has to struggle to get films in her kitty.

Kareena Kapoor

She is one of the few B-town beauties who look radiant without even make-up on their face. But unfortunately, her decision to undergo the knife cost her much and took the entire film industry and her fans by storm. Her nose now looks smaller on her big, long face. Also, she looks much older than her present age. This blue-eyed Kapoor girl has spoiled her beautiful face by undergoing the excessive cosmetic surgery.

Minisha Lamba

Same story is true for Minisha Lamba. Her nose surgery is another example of flop cosmetic surgery. To abandon her next door girl looks and look sexier she got her nose narrowed down. Not to mention the result of the surgery. It is right there in front of you.

Like Hollywood, more and more Bollywood celebrities are experimenting with the cosmetic surgery-so -much –so that it is becoming a norm in the industry. Since, all medical procedures are not 100% fool proof…so the disaster happened to them! It’s just that these celebs were unlucky that their surgery went so wrong and made their fun out of these surgeries.