6 Tips for Caring for Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic nails have become a fad nowadays. Every other girl is going for acrylic nails, with different nail art patterns that are a perfect way to flaunt their nails in style. Acrylic nails look stunning as a fashion statement, but an equally important factor that comes along with them is their care. Many of the girls get acrylic nail arts done on their nails, but fail to take care of them properly after that. Since, these nails are not that cheap that you can afford to get them done every weekend unless you are a daughter or a wife of a millionaire.


I have come up with few handy tips that will not only increase the life of your acrylic nails, but also keep them gorgeous as always.

#1- Decide the Length


I know that each one of you desires to keep the longest nails possible, but practically it is not sensible or feasible. If you indulge into physical work, you will break them unwontedly. Length of the nails should be decided sensibly, keeping in mind your profession and other nature of your daily obligations.

#2- Always Wear Gloves


It is advisable to wear gloves, especially while doing dishes or other household work. This will prevent chemicals of the detergent to penetrate into your nails, and damage them or break them as well.

#3- Dry Your Nails


Another piece of advice for durability of your nails is that always dry your hands, especially fingers so that water doesn’t get clogged in your nails, which will also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. So, always dry your nails as soon as you finish off with washing things.

#4- Fix Immediately


Accidents do happen and especially in a country like India where women are flooded with household work, so they tend to happen more. If any of your acrylic nail gets chapped, head to the salon and get it fixed immediately, rather than lingering it for other days as this may lead to an infection also, and other nails may catch up bacteria. It is cheaper and easier to get a single nail fixed rather than the whole set of nails.

#5- Avoid Acetone


After getting such stunning nails, I’m sure you will be flaunting them with bright and flamboyant shades of nail enamels. But, remember not to use any kind of acetone remover for removing nail enamel, and applying the other one as acetone will act harshly on your nails and dissolve your nails.

#6- Avoid Eating Nails


Many girls have this awful habit of eating or chewing nails. If you are not going to control this habit of yours and continue to chew or bite nails, you will end up destroying the beautiful look of your nails.