6 Surprising Health Benefits of Apple We Didn’t Know Yet

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No doubt, apple is considered to be the all rounder of all the fruits. Not just fruits, in fact, it is considered to be an all rounder of all the foods as well. We have been hearing the phrase “an apple a day keeps doctor away” since our childhood, from every elderly person around us. Apple has proven its benefits on everyone, in different ways.

Till now, it was believed that apples can keep cardiologist away by protecting you from heart diseases, but researches over the time have proven many other benefits of apples. Let’s get into the talk and get to know the benefits of apple for skin, and body.


1. Apples Act as Bowel Cleaner


Dietary fibers are really very essential for bowel health and shape of our stools. Apples are dense with fibers, and a lot of fiber is contained in the skin of apple. Hence, apple acts as a natural bowel cleaner, keeping digestive system to work properly. It removes the toxic side effects of many products from the body, hence keeping the body fit and healthy.

2.  Apples Are Best for Hair Health


In 2002, a research was conducted in Japan, which showed that unripe apples contain plethora of Procyanidin B-2 that appears to control proteins, which makes new hair growth possible. The same is found in ripped apples, but in lesser quantity. On the whole, eating apples can also stimulate the hair growth.

3. Apples for a Healthy Skin


Plethora of researches and surveys has shown that applying apple on face can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Not only this, applying apple on blemished skin or acne prone skin can also heal them. Since bowels are cleaned by apples, any part of the body will be thoroughly cleaned as acne, and blemishes are sometimes caused when our stomach is not clean.

4. Apples for Cancer Prevention


The American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) has added apples to the list of foods that fight cancer. In lab studies, flavonoids are found in apples, which slow down the development of cancer in colon, lungs, and breasts at many stages of cancer development.

5. Apples for Weight Loss


Research has shown that eating apples, and even apple sauce on a regular basis, reduce the chances of accumulating abdominal fat. Fibers in apples make one feel fuller for longer period of time, as pectin present in apple is an appetite suppressant. So keep on eating at least one apple daily, to reduce those extra kilos from your belly.

6. Tooth Whitening


It has been proved scientifically that malic acid in apples can actually whiten your teeth. Malic acid is used in commercially sold teeth whitening products. So, if you want the pearl white teeth, then start eating apples right after your meals.

After having heard so many qualities of apple, don’t you think that apples are truly super food that not only keeps you protected from heart diseases, but also many other ailments of the body. So, make it a rule to eat an apple daily after your meal, for a fit and healthy lifestyle.