6 Style Tips to become Hot and Happening

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I know you are also one of those girls, who wish to be adorned by everyone and to be considered hot and happening girl of your circle. To be called trendy, hot and attractive, you must follow trends. Being trendy means keeping track of the whole thing- bags, clothes, earnings, goggles, shoes; and also, hair, make-up and nails. Fashion trends come and go. They change very frequently and keeping up is not effortless. Hence, to know the ongoing trend- turn the pages of fashion magazines, watch fashion shows, explore fashion websites and the stylish clothes displayed in the happening stores.

Following are the 6 ‘must do’ tips to grow fashionable:

1. Pick Body Complimenting Clothes


In the first place, you should identify your body type that involves- body mass, shape, skin tone, height, eye color and hair color. You must learn what kind of clothes will go well with your curvy or lean body, compliment your skin tone and give you radiating look. If you’re well-versed about these traits, you are bound to get your hand over the right make-up, giving you more vivid appearance.

2. Know the Latest Line-Ups  of Legendary Designers


I agree it is no easy job to keep track of fashion trends. It is quite daunting and demands lots of efforts and time in the beginning. But, to stay clued-up about running fashion, you need to understand and follow the newest line-ups of renowned designers across the world. You must know what is hot in the fashion streets. Most importantly, what suits you the most!

3. Decide on the Ongoing Trendy Colors


Learn the colors that are hot and in, and making rounds in the fashion industry.  Know the fabric that are being extensively used, and the designs, which are the haute dressmaking.

4. Team Up with the Right Accessories


Accessories’ role can’t be underestimated, when it is about laudable style statement. So, pick your accessories wisely. Learn, whether a side bag or clutch should be teamed up with your particular outfit. Likewise, which pair of shoes goes with which dress. Flaunt accessories according to the occasion you’re gonna be part of.

5. Socialize at Happening Places


Only self grooming will not do. Look for the happening destinations- the hottest clubs, discs, restaurants and other places of the city to hang out. Spot the ongoing trends and hit the places. Absorb yourself in the vibe of the places. This is not that easy as it seems to be, and requires a great deal of research. Take help of the best available tool, i.e., ‘Internet’, to sniff out the recent in trend activities at the happening places.

6. Stay High Spirited


Believe in yourself first. Consider yourself the most amazing looking girl. This will build up your morale. It is reflection of self confidence from one’s personality that makes one look truly ‘hot and happening’. Carry yourself confidently. Stand straight with shoulders pulled back, while conversing with the folks. Eyes contact is important and above all, brighten up your personality with a dose of sweet smile on your face.