6 Step Rulebook to Locate the Best Preschool for Your Toddler

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Nelson Mandela

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Now-a-days, preschools are considered as an imperative building block for your child’s academic journey. Recent studies have revealed that those children who get quality preschool education, perform better in their school, get extremely good jobs and are less involved in the social crimes. Choosing the best preschool is a little bit daunting, if you are new to sending your kid to preschool.

How to find the best school for your child? Well, there is neither a fixed formula nor a single answer of this question as each parent has different criteria for assessing a preschool.

Here are some key parameters, which you should evaluate while selecting a preschool.

1.   Recognize Your Priorities


Are you looking for a preschool near to your home or closer to your workplace? Do you want a particular approach to learning for your child? Do you want storytelling and dancing to be the parts of the curriculum? How much fees you can afford? Note down all your preferences and begin your search accordingly.

2.   Do Preliminary Investigation


  • Talk with Your Neighbours or Friends– Your friends and neighbours may refer you the best preschools nearby your home or workplace. You can know about the experiences their children have had at these schools.
  • Contact the Teachers– You can enquire about the specific preschool by contacting with the teachers working in that school. They will let you know about the curriculum, environment and other important information about the school.
  • Check Online– Several preschools have their own websites. Visit these websites to explore the detailed information about the school.

3.   Apply Soon

parent-and- teacher

The seats in quality preschools fill up promptly. As you realize that your kid is ready for preschool, begin your search soon. After identifying 2 or 3 good schools, apply to all of them.  However, if you do not get into your first choice, you need not to scramble to find another place to go as you will have one or two backups.

4.   Is School’s ApproachAligning with Your ‘Home Values’ 


The manner in which the school tackles emotional and social issues should be related to your approach at home. Thus, before enrolling your child in any preschool, be acquainted with the school’s approach. While interacting with the teacher, give him/her a situation and ask how he/she will handle it? Then, check whether that approach is the similar one, which you’d have taken or not.

5.   Duration of the School


Mostly, preschools are run for 3 hours. Some schools also provide the day care facilities for children. In case, both parents are working, they can opt for enrolling their child in such schools.

6.   Visit the Preschool


You won’t get the real sense about the preschool, until and unless you personally visit the school. Go and check the following imperative things:

  • The teacher-child ratios.
  • Whether the teachers are experienced or not?
  • Whether the school environment is safe or not?
  • Is there enough parents’ participation? How actively does the school look for parents’ help, as well as their ideas?
  • Is the curriculum stimulating?
  • How integrated is the school in its educational approach?
  • Infrastructural facilities like drinking water and well-ventilated classrooms are available or not?

Make your kid’s first school experience enriching and positive by selecting the best preschool for him/her.