6 Signs that tell You You’re Too hard On Yourself

 1. You are your worst critic


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Perfectionists are often too hard on themselves. If you dwell with a mistake that you made at your workplace the last month, fed up of your unclean fridge at your home or even a typing error you made on facebook, you seriously need to loosen up and relax. It’s okay; you can fix that fridge, file, and status. So don’t criticize small mistakes, it’s only human to err!

2. Endlessly obsessing


Don’t be fixated with your errors, shortcomings, and mistakes. Don’t hate yourself over the unclean sole of your designer shoes or hands that are not immaculately manicured. These little things can be easily undone, and occupying your brain with such petty things is most certainly not going to change anything. Breath… It isn’t the end of the world, after all!

3. Everything isn’t black or white


One cannot view everything in life in absolute colors. If there are no grey areas, you are one of those people who can be too stubborn about things. Things rarely go as planned, and when they do not (as often the case is) you sulk a lot, curse yourself and people around you, and begin hating life. My friend, that isn’t the right way to live. Things have a way of falling in place, and it’s far wiser to do not live life in absolute ideals, rather one must take things as they come.

4. Over contemplation


If you spend abundant amount of time contemplating over things that went wrong, and thinking how different life would be if you’d have acted differently then, you’re simply wasting your time and energy. As the famous saying goes, “Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be”. Similarly, if things were meant to be in a certain way, they would’ve been so. So cut yourself to some slack and don’t worry your little head over what cannot be undone.

5. Nothing’s ever good enough for you


Okay! So you enjoy working hard, but even after slogging for hours, you are rarely satisfied with the result, it’s like nothing’s ever good enough for you because you almost always find some faults or glitches in everything you do. Don’t go over- critical. If others are praising you for your efforts, chances are it actually is good and deserves your appreciation too. Things are rarely super- duper perfect, and one cannot control things all the freaking time.

6. Fearing Failure


No one likes failing or being known as a loser, but there has been no man in the history of this planet who’s never seen failure, no matter how big or small. Of course, it’s not like- you go out of your way and deliberately make blunders, but since we all end- up making mistakes more often than we’d like to, it is highly advisable to do not go over apprehensive and anxious. At all costs, one cannot ensure being cent percent right 24*7 and so loosen up! Give yourself a break, literally!