6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Marriage

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Marriage is a turning point in one’s life. Unlike relationships, breaking your marriage isn’t easy. It involves your family and is not limited to you alone.

Here are 5 reasons why you must not rush yourself into getting married.

1. Don’t just settle


One of the biggest reasons, why people rush into marriage, is because they are afraid of being alone. This fear of loneliness often misleads people to marry someone they have nothing in common with. It can be one of the most dangerous things as being with someone you aren’t in love with, is hardly going to fill in an empty space inside you.

2. First live your life to the fullest


People who marry at a young age, the most common regret they own, is they haven’t lived their life to the fullest. Marriage comes with a hell lot of responsibilities and compromises, and subjecting yourself to all these negotiations may make you wonder a few years down the life if you have missed any opportunities and not built for yourself a life you deserved and wanted.

3. Maturity


How many of you can take the responsibility of a husband and kids? The house chores, the errands, cooking, the education of your child, etc are all a part and parcel of marriage and no person, who isn’t mature enough, can look after all these things simultaneously. So, if you genuinely think that you can take care of everything, give it a go.

4. What happens to your career?


Okay, let’s get it straight. Once you have a child, there’s no chance you can both nurture your child and have a great blooming career, as well. You got to pick. And if you have a baby in the initial stages of your career, chances are it will affect your future for the rest of your life. I know it shouldn’t, but it certainly does.

5. Experiences


Don’t think we’re cynical about marriage. It’s a very gratifying, deep institution, but you got to gather some wonderful experiences for yourself before you take the plunge. Educate yourself, travel as much as you can, know people, make friends, develop a career, and then say “I do”. Life’s like a cycle. Complete each stage before moving onto the next. Don’t rush because you won’t be able to go back, to finish the unfinished business.

6. Family planning


Marriage is all about family. Think before you add a third member to your world of two people because kids require a lot of emotional, mental, and financial support. If you cannot be around for them 24/7, then put it off for the time being because nobody would want a broken childhood for their own kid.