6 Pics Which Express Their Stories On Their Own

A life is a series of events. These events mesmerize us, make us bore to death, give tears, and sometimes leave us spellbound. However, it is beautiful and fascinates; this is what we can say to live a happy life. Also, it is a random collage of pics. We have brought some of those which express their stories on their own.

Have a look!

1. Often we say with great courage, we can cross the boundaries. Though we all know there’s a huge difference in saying and doing. But, there are people who have survived beyond the boundary.


-June 26, 2012, Gauhati, India

2. To calm down the thirst of water, one has to sail at the stake of life.


-Kakadhowa Village in India

3. We are running in 66th year of the Independence of our country, the capital city still stinks.

APTOPIX India Power Outage

-New Delhi, India 2012

4. Most of us run away in such a situation while people continuously dig out the wounded.


-Bajpe, Mangalore, India 2010

5. Just put your one hand ahead and you can save a life.


-The Flood-affected areas of Dhola in Tinsukia District of Assam in 2012

6. Technology has the power to sail through floods. Stay connected!


-Flood near Saharsa Bihar in north India