6 Must Do Things to Follow Post Divorce

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We do believe that Marriage is a sacred tradition in Indian culture, and divorce is like a taboo in our customs. Although with time, the scenario is changing like greased lightning as the young generation is becoming more autonomous and personage.

The word divorce means– dissolution of marriage or we can say legal separation of two partners. It’s still frowned upon in our culture. Thus, it’s actually complex and needs a lot of endurance and emotional firmness on the part of both the spouses, to pact with divorce.


If we compare the divorce rates in India with in Western countries, we are still blessed. If we natter about Western Countries, 50% marriages end up with annulment. In India, 1 out of 100 spouses look for divorce. But we do agree that because of economical and social changes, the divorce cases are escalating rapidly.

In our advancing society, the concept of “compromise in Marriage” is diminishing gradually, as females have become more liberated and self-governing. They are no more limited as domestic caretakers. These days, the couples don’t believe in mutual compromises, the way our ancestors used to do. In our backward areas, a divorced woman suffers the most and children of divorcee live a difficult life. They tend to suffer the humanity scorn, and sometime they spoil their life because of the hardship.


We identify with the ache, and sharing little information that will help you to deal with the suffering due to divorce

1. Remember to Change the Surname


It’s very essential to do few changes in your life to move on, like changing surname and notifying the insurance company, banks, passport office, and at work places. Publicize your name not only on documents, but also among family and friends.

2.  Do not Forget to Close All the Joint Accounts in Bank


We propose taking this point really seriously. It is implied that you should always keep in mind to withdraw your name from the account at the initial separation stage.

3.  Don’t Forget the Alimony Details


It’s very important for you to be aware of all the clauses allied to alimony in annulment. Also, it’s good to maintain an account connected to this. In case it’s your duty to give alimony, then arrange for the compensation accordingly, and take care of other things in a functional way.

4.  Remember to Read All the Post Annulment Papers


It’s better to clear all your doubts at the early stage. Even though the attorney will explain each and every point, but for your own satisfaction, it is important to read and understand every clause. Don’t let yourself triumph in any terrible situations that lead you to the apologetic behaviour, later.

5.  Formulate Financial Plan


It is very important for all single parents to construct a monetary planning with the accountability of growth of the children.

6. Counselling of Your Children


In our Indian society, it is crucial to give our children a good counselling because it’s complicated for them to go through the expression and understand the hardship. You have to make sure that your kid is not suffering or getting affected from what people are talking.

Divorce in our society leaves women and men mismanaged and unsecured. While women get fiscally affected, men get difficulties in supervising the household responsibilities. Thus, dealing with separation requires a lot of good advice, positivity, emotional and financial stability, and most importantly- patience.