6 Most Weird Festivals from Around the World

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Festivals are to show the positivity, but have you ever thought of some uncanny, unusual, and odd festival, which can stop your breath. I am sharing few clicks of some modern, ancient and bizarre festival.

1. Cheese Rolling Festival


People have witnessed this festival every year in the month of May, in (cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire) United Kingdom. People toss from the steep hill, and then hundreds of people start running down the hill, without thinking about their lives. This deadly race is life taking. Women and men take part separately.

2. Saint John’s Bonfire


It’s one of the very popular festivals of Spain, held around 19th to 24th of June. Festival includes children and other locals, to walk over the fire. People share hot chocolates and watch people doing tedious stunts.

3. Goat Tossing Fest


I guess Spain is full of weird festivals. People gather at a small town called “Maganeses dela Polvorosa” every year, on the 4th of Sunday, in January. They follow it to honour St. Vencent de Paul, a saint of the church, by tossing goat. Are you shocked? Yes, they take a goat; tie it up, and from 20 feet above the ground, they threw it from a church without any mercy.

4. Hadaka Matsuri


Here comes a weird and funny festival of Japanese, where everyone participates without clothes, or uses a traditional loin cloth. Women take part separately, and sometimes children participate too. It’s strange they call it a religious event.

5. EL Colacho


One more bizarre tradition (baby jumping) in Spain is celebrated every year, while Corpus Christi. What they do is strange. They gather all the babies born in the same year, and put them on a mattress, dress them like devils. Like an idiot, they start to jump over them. What do you think about this?

6. Thaipusam


It’s a Hindu festival of South (especially of Tamil people), to celebrate the birth of Murugan (son of Parvati and god Shiva), every year in January or February. People shave their heads and go on pilgrimage. All things become worse, when people jostle the sharp skewers from their cheeks or tongues. They aim to confer pain to themselves. The festival doesn’t belong to India only, it’s very popular in Malaysia and Singapore also.