6 Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to Make Them Look Bigger

There are various kinds of eye sets and it would be sheer naivety to think that one makeup technique can work for all. What works for bigger eyes will not suit small eyes, and vice versa. The terrible news is that, you might even make them appear smaller. Ugh! Too complicated, you think? Not really. Since, the size of your eyes is never going to change; all you need to do is change your makeup style to give the illusion of being blessed with a big beautiful pair of eyes. Just follow the following steps and you’ll know what we mean-

1. Get your Eyebrows Trimmed


The first and foremost step to keep in mind is to have your eyebrows in shape. Untrimmed, unplucked brows look shabby and do not make your face look clean. The shape of your eyebrow definitely helps define your eye shape. It would be better to create a natural arch.

2. Apply Primer


Apply primer to your eyes (base layer). Cover the entire eyelid. This will smooth your eye lid and prepare it in order to apply eye shadow. A primer also avoids creasing along the fine lines of your small eyes. Creasing can make your eye shadow look darkened and messy.

3. Choose Light Shades


Pick a light color shadow and spread it on your entire eyelid, preferably silver or light ivory. Avoid shadows that fall in the category of frost. Dark shades will make your eyes look smaller and darker. You can opt for some shimmer; however, heavy frost usually becomes overdone and profound.

4. Eye Liner


Pick a liner that is deep in color (a darker version of the shadow that you’re using). Don’t line your entire eye. On the outer edges of your eye lid, carve out a thin line and darken around the corners. A too dark or too thick liner will make your eyes look tiny. Use short strokes; this will help avoid a thick line. Fan the line from the outer corner of your eye lid.

5. Highlight


On your brow bone, wear a light shade in a small amount. The brow bone is the area below the outer half of your eyebrow. Shimmer can be a good option, as it highlights your entire eye and makes your eyes look brighter and larger.

Tip: Pick a shadow which matches your skin tone in a shimmer version.

6. Eyelashes


Curl your upper eyelashes. You can use an eyelash curler for it. After you have curled your lashes, apply mascara.  You have to apply two coats of mascara on your upper eyelashes (apply the second one before the first one dries up, so that your eyelashes do not get clumpy). This will separate your lashes and make the white portion more visible and evident.

Now apply mascara to your bottom lashes. Just one coat is enough.

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Other Tips-

  • Don’t curl your lower eyelashes.
  • You can hide away your dark circles by covering them with a pinkish concealer.
  • Remember to apply mascara on your lower lashes.
  • When you are curling your lashes, hold them with the curler for 20 seconds at least.

We hope these little but effective tips help you attain those dream eyes. Follow the above stated help and we ensure that you’ll look beautiful!