6 Highly Demanding Careers in Finance

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Post 2008 economic crisis, the job market experienced a great setback. The global meltdown affected the financial sector, the most. Now, as the market conditions have improved, the demand of finance professionals has also increased. Generally, the jobs in this sector are rewarding and stable.

Here are some of the careers in finance that are in high demand, these days!

1.  Retail Banker/ Financial Planner


Like other banks or corporations, retail bankers also directly deal with consumers. These professionals offer several services, like personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, saving accounts and debit cards.

2.  Merchant Banker/ Investment Banker


Merchant banking involves helping new businessmen in establishing the business, modernisation and expansion of the existing business and reviving sick business units. Merchant bankers also help in the registration of a new company and managing its portfolio.

Investment bankers advice their clients on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and help them in raising funds in capital markets.

3.  Corporate Finance


A company needs money for running the business smoothly, making acquisitions, planning for its future prospects and growing or diversifying the business. A corporate finance professional primarily performs 4 functions:

  1. Scheming, executing and monitoring the financial policies.
  2. Preparing financial plans and programmes, and implementing them.
  3. Management of cash resources.
  4. Interfacing with the investors and financial community.

Corporate finance jobs are quite stable. The best thing about these jobs is that they are not target based and only your performance counts. These jobs offer high pay and provide you several opportunities to travel and meet new people.

If you hold an MBA degree and a deep knowledge of corporate finance and financial management, you can pursue your career in this field.

4.  Accountant/ Financial Controller


Financial controller or accountant manages the accounts of the company and furnishes the financial information that helps tax authorities, investors, managers or other stakeholders in taking investment decisions.

5.  Risk Management Analyst


Uncertainties and risk are an integral part of the business. Therefore, big organizations and corporate houses have a huge pressure to fortify their risk management practices. As a risk management analyst, you will have to devise the plans to mitigate the market risk and credit risk. Candidates having in-depth understanding of complex product and entity structures, market conditions and strict regulatory mandates will always find this job promising and rewarding.

6.  Private Equity


Private equity plays an important role of raising the funds from the investors and investing these funds into the flourishing businesses, directly. Most private equity provide working capital to target companies in order to launch the new product, nurture expansion, restructuring of the operations of the company, etc.