6 Habits: Sleepless Night to Good Night’s Sleep

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To have a healthy life, adapt good hygiene habits. Our main idea behind sleep hygiene is to give you relaxed, healthy body and mind. Read on for few tips to make you feel the best while going off to bed.

1. Say No To Bed Unless You Feel Sleepy


If you don’t feel sleepy at night, we suggest you to do something else rather than trying to sleep. Don’t force yourself to sleep, more than 20 minutes. Go and read some books, browse internet, listen to soft or romantic music, go through your interest magazine, or find any other thing relaxing, but please, do not stimulate to your whims.

2. It’s Good to Be Ritual before Going off to the Bed


Before going off to bed, prefer eating light snacks, read for few minutes, or take a warm bath, and feel relaxed. Now, you are ready for a deep cosy sleep.

3. It’s Good to get up Every Day on the Same Time


Ok I understand, not on Sundays, but follow on the weekdays. It will help your mind and health in many ways.

4. Say No To Nap In The Day Time


I suggest, to not taking any nap in the noon, especially after 3 pm. If you’re tired, you can take a nap, but for less than an hour.

5. Make A Regular Schedule


Fix time for meals, chores, medication, and any other physical activities, to make your inner and outer body run smoothly.

  • Avoid taking caffeine just after lunch.
  • Complete no to eat, write, read, playing cards or talking on the phone in bed.
  • Avoid consumption of wine, beer, or any alcohol, before few hours of bed time.
  • Neither eat too much, nor go empty stomach to sleep.

6. Sleeping Pills


Most of the doctors don’t prescribe a pill for more than 2 weeks, but try to avoid it entirely. Remember, no alcohol consumption while taking pills.

Remember, bed is the place to sleep calmly, not a place to think and worry about stuff.