6 Effortless Tips to Reduce Weight in Children

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Let’s be honest, and face, that nowadays obesity in children is at all time high. Too much fast food…too much TV…and too much video/computer games are taking toll on children’s health!

Here are some great tips to motivate your kids to stay healthy and in shape-

1. Plan Summer Camps


The motto behind planning summer-camps is to take children away from TV and computer screen. Through this, you can make children indulge in something interesting, rather than letting them browsing through their various social networking accounts. Summer camps are a great platform for children to learn guitar, swimming, craft-making, pottery, skating, western and classical dances, movie making, Jazz, drums, mountaineering and a lot more. This way, their 24*7 free hours are put to constructive use.

Sometimes, through activities at summer camp they realize their field of interest and pursue their area of interest further as full-fledged professions.

2. Outdoor Games


Children must realize that life exists beyond Play Stations, video games, i Pods, etc. too. Push children to go to outdoors and play cricket, tennis, gymnastic, badminton or do other physical workouts that can burn their fat and build up their muscles, and allow them to have fun too at the same time. Sweating with gaming is a key to get leaned, while having fun.

3. Balanced Diet


Encourage kids to eat a proper and balanced diet. Make all family-members to dine together. Meal should incorporate enough green veggies, milk, millets, cereals and pulses. A complete diet is one that includes all- carbohydrates, protein and a bit of fats too. Teach children to chew their food completely without chewing sound, and drink plenty of water. Make children remind that each day they must consume at least 8-9 glasses of milk.  Remember, skipping meal is not the solution to the problem, so eat healthy and balanced diet.

4. Right Eating Habits


Encourage and inculcate good eating habits in kids. Children see and learn from grown-ups and parents. They grow up with the same habits that they learn from elder people of home.  Being a parent, first you’ve to control your eating habits and snacking at wrong times. Pay attention to the amount of food consumed at odd time. Teach them how to control their temptation.

5. Cycle Rides to School


Dump the car to drop children to school. Cycle ride is a sneaky way to stay kids in shape. Obviously, skateboarding, running and walking helps children to shed their lazy bones and not to become fleshy plump.

6. Yo-Yo for Yoga


Country is sweeping with a new trend to shed weight- “YOGA”. It helps to lose weight and also to gain flexibility like ‘peanut butter and jam’.  It keeps children lean and shapes their body for a great posture, and refined boy movement in everything they do.

Losing weight is never easy for either adults or children. There is no easy and quick solution to burn fat.  Do realize that it is a slow and steady process.