6 Effective Tips to Make you Look Slimmer

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If you think that only those women who have impressive figure can look trendy and stylish, you are completely wrong! The way you wear the dress and accessorize, it makes a big difference.  A little dexterity and the right clothing sense can help you to create the illusion of appearing slimmer.  If you are flabby and want to make your podginess look charming, follow the given below tips.

1.  Purchase Proper Fitting Clothes


Too tight clothes can highlight the flabby part of your body; thereby creating a disgusting impression. Such attire can also make you feel uncomfortable. Thus, it’s good to wear clothes that fit you well. Choose long dresses that have long vertical stripes.

Clothing to make your lower body look slimmer:

1.   Purchase A-line skirts, instead of pleated skirts.




2.   In order to conceal bulges, pick low-rise and loose-fit jeans. Wear long tops with these jeans.


3.  Balance your large hips with boot-cut pants, having a simple design and not too many pockets.



Clothing to make your upper body look slimmer:

1. In order to take the focus away from your arms, don’t wear tank tops, especially in summer.


2. If you have good-defined shoulders, you can wear boat-neck tops.




2.  Pick a Single Shade


Dress in a single dark shade to hide the chubby part of your body. Wear something navy blue or black. Compliment dark outfits with colourful accessories, like shoes, necklaces and bracelets.

3.  Pay Attention to Your Posture


Good posture also makes you look skinnier. Stand up straight. Your shoulders should be pulled back, and head should be up high. Be confident. Heels elongate your figure, thereby giving you a thinner look. Hence, wear heels with jeans.

4.  Highlight the Good Features


Take away the focus from other body parts by highlighting those awesome features. You can spellbind others by accessorizing your cute face, upper torso, and slender neck.

5.  Opt the Right Pattern


Never choose large patterns in tops, pants, skirts and other dresses, as it provides a flabbier look. Simple prints in small patterns make you look graceful and elegant. 

6.  Select Better Fabric


If you want to cover up your flab, don’t wear fabrics that stick to the body. Opt for cotton clothes or other fabrics that make you look slimmer. Remove shiny and clingy clothes from your wardrobe.