6 Easy Steps to Smoldering Smoky Eyes!

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Love the celebs making appearance on the red carpets with the smoldering smoky eyes? Well, this might not be the best look to wear in the office (if you want the other people to concentrate on their work and not you) but on an evening or cocktail party this look can add that extra oomph to the already-so-beautiful you.

Well here’s your 6 step quick guide to captivating smoky eyes

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1 .    First of all use a good concealer under your eye to even out any dark circles. Since smoky eyes are already a lot dark, you must pay attention to concealing the dark circles to avoid your eyes looking dull.

2 .    In order to create a smooth base for the eye shadow you can apply cream concealer over your eyelids.

3 .     Apply pencil liner (preferably black or grey) along the upper lash line and make dots between your lower lashes with the same.

4 .     Smudge the liner on both sides with a cotton swab or eye shadow brush. Make sure you don’t leave sharp edges visible. To add some color you can use denim colored pencil. Green is an option too.

5.     Now, work the powder shadow (green, blue or brown). To make it stay longer you can first apply cream shadow, let it dry and then follow by a sweep of powder shadow. If you have small eyes grey will help you to make them look bigger. Remember it’s all about how you apply and blend it. A lighter shade of shadow like ivory on the brow bone will finish the look.


6 .     The last but no less significant is the mascara for those dream long lashes. Use a volumising mascara to make your lashes look longer and heavy. Two coats of the mascara should be enough to complete the enchanting look.

Now you are all ready for party rocking. Go win over some hearts and be nice!