6 Common Fights between Newly Wed Couples and Their Solutions


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The early years of marriage are the toughest years of marriage for every couple. Both of them are still in a process of discovering each other, hence the “newlywed fights” are common in this period, no matter how sweet and loving the couple is! When two people from two different worlds come and live together, disagreements and conflicts in certain matters are quite obvious. So, you’re not alone who is into a constant argument with their spouse. It is a story of every newly married couple.

Don’t let discontentment and unhappiness find space in your married life. Seek help from the suggested solutions for the most common fights between newlywed couples, to keep disharmony away from home.

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Fight#1: In-laws


Dealing with in- laws is definitely stressful and not easy also, especially when you’re not their choice or not accepted by his family members. A big trouble lies in learning each other’s customs and traditions or ways of accomplishing things. When blueprint of in-laws is vastly diverse from your own, problems do arise.

Solution: The best way to deal with this problem is, instead of making efforts to change the things, which are unlikely to get changed, try to learn and follow their way of doing things. If your in-laws repeatedly hurt you, then treat them just as your acquaintance. Figure out and understand what kind of relationship you need to maintain with his family members.  Try to recognize, and pass us triggers that can make your blood boil. Don’t let your marriage get permanently damaged because of it.

Fight#2: Miscommunication


Couples often hold back their true feelings regarding certain things, in order to avoid fights and arguments in their new relationship. This often leads to the assumption of things, thus gradually to fights.

Solution: In a marriage, there is one thing that sure shot works, and that is ‘Honesty’. Be honest to him and tell him everything clearly, the way it is. Don’t confuse the issues by making assumptions. If he genuinely loves you, he will respond to you.

Fight#3: Having Kids


One partner wants kids and the other doesn’t. In this situation, negotiations do not work. No matter what partners negotiate, negotiations do not hold their validity once kids arrive.  Children dictate all your decisions.

Solution: Parenting is not easy. It is a stressful and tough job. So, discuss issues related to raising children, clearly before marriage. Go for children only when the both of you are willing to have children.

Fight#4: Financial Matters


Fight is sure when he is a wise spender, and you’re an impulsive buyer, or vice versa.  Money related fights are a big trouble to early marriage years.

Solution:  Before reaching to a point of confrontation, discuss money habits rationally and calmly. Sit down and prepare a budget. Think before splurging money and spend within the set limit. Avoid overspending completely, unless it is unavoidable.

Fight#5: Different Lifestyle


Earlier the two of you were a dating couple, but now you are a married couple, spending days and nights with each other. Both of you need comfort. You want your home to be perfect with well-folded laundry, groceries arranged, and garbage dumped out. If things go undone, this drives you mad and becomes a reason of resentment between the two of you. The problem is that both of you are incognizant about each others’ living style.

Solution: A solution can be making a list of chores and dividing them equally between the partners. This avoids argument related to unrelated living styles.

Fight#6: Acting Like Being Single


Once you get married, there are certain behaviours that are considered inappropriate, like going out often with your friends (especially male friends) to watch movies or for coffee. Grow up! You know what is wrong and what is correct. So just do what is right and expected from a married person.