6 Brilliant Ways to Make a Bad Day Better!

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Bad days are inevitable! But is it wise to sit around and moan over them; or get a grip, take charge, and do something to lift your mood, and make your miserable day better? Give the below listed things a shot, and turn around crappy days into the awesome ones!

1.  Don’t compare


When we ask you to not to compare your bad day with somebody else’s, we mean with more fortunate or less fortunate people. If you’ve been told to think of more miserable people across the world and thank god for your less awful journey, don’t do it!  This doesn’t work. How can anyone tell what your experiences have been? How can u judge somebody else’s trials? If only it’s something very inconsequential that you’re sulking about, then this might once or twice, otherwise no.

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2. Cuddle


Pets are the perfect companions for cuddling. They wouldn’t coo and whoosh over your every gesture, probably pay some attention to you, and then continue with their scratching, sleeping, eating, or playing with whatever they have that time. Dogs and cats can literally boost your mood. An hour (or even less) of playing with them is sure to help you feel much better.

3.  Prioritize


Bad days are truly draining. They can suck you out; just in an instance, you might feel everything going crazy. Prioritize your bad days according to the urgency of the tasks you have at hand. Don’t give yourself a lot to do because that will not only be impossible to achieve, but you’ll beat yourself even more for not being able to accomplish the assigned tasks. Only those things, which have a 100% deadline, should be reserved for the bad days, rest can be taken into consideration on happy days that are full of sunshine.

4.  Encourage your mind to smile


Okay! Your expressions and body movements might be in sync with your awful mood, but you can trick your brain into smiling for you, which will ultimately perk your day up. Endorphin production is essential for the same. Play your favorite song; eat that rich- mouth watering dessert, or give yourself other little treats to pamper, in order to make your brain happy, and for giving you a boost.

5.  Seek warmth


It doesn’t mean flying off to a tropical island (though the idea of a holiday is great, the plan won’t materialize instantly). Bad moods can be cured by seeking warmth. Studies, conducted by the Yale University, discovered that people who take hot showers, or drink hot drinks, are happier than those who do not. The quick fix to a minor sulking phase can be hot chocolate, hot coffee, or hot butter- Parathas. And yes! A hot bath will melt your awful mood with the bubbles.

6.  Be nice


Bad moods are ridiculously contagious. That is also amongst the many things that suck about it. When we are facing a bad day, we tend to snap and yell at people, without having any intention of doing it! People might seem more annoying and maddening on rough days, but hold your tongue just there; avoid making haste decisions, judgement  or landing you into arguments. Like they say, grin and bear it! It’s a matter of just a few hours until the spell of the bad mood will evaporate, and you’ll be back smiling and cheering as ever!