6 Brilliant Eye Liner Ideas for You to Try This Season


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Eyes are the primary part of your body that gets noticed at the very first sight. Every girl tries to create the most dramatic and luscious eyes to catch the attention towards her. Eyeliner is perhaps a girl’s favorite makeup product as it is found in the vanity of almost every girl. The whole skill needed behind applying eye liner is practice and perfection. You can apply it in as many ways as possible. Here are few ideas and tricks that I am sharing with you on how skillfully you can apply it.



Idea #1- Wing It


If you want to have catty eyes with lots of drama in them, go for this style as it looks very bold and feminine at the same time. The trick is quite simple; apply thick liner on the upper eye lid than the lower one, wing it out from the outer corner of the eye and your look is ready to rock.

Idea #2- Smudge It


Smudging the liner after an application has become quite a fad now. It adds a lot of glamour and definition to your eyes. Apply the liner on both the lids in a regular fashion and soften it by smudging it a little, especially from the lower lashes and on the corners of the upper lid. To make things look natural and more dramatic, use a darker shadow and blend it nicely into the smudged liner.

Idea #3- Go 360 Degrees


It is another very common and popular eye liner application. You need to apply the liner equally and evenly everywhere around the eyes, and your look is ready. This one’s good to carry as a casual makeup and even during night gatherings.

Idea #4- Contrast Connection


Creating contrasting colors is another trend that’s hot-selling at the moment. Go for lighter shadows like white or any other color, and apply them over the lids and on the top of the brow bone. Then, apply the liner as usually you apply, and just see that how much difference it makes to your look.

Idea #5- Go with Cake Liners


Cake eyeliners were popular in 1930s and 40s, and It seems like the trend is back again. Cake liners create a very dramatic and bold effect on your face, without requiring much of your prowess. Make sure that you apply it only with the help of an eyeliner brush.

Idea #6- Add Colors to Eyes


Colors are hitting almost every trend and category, be it apparels or makeup. Applying colored eye liner above the black one has become popular these days. So, whichever blouse or top you are wearing, add the pop of the same color to make your attire more dramatic and appealing.