6 Best Buys At Louis Vuitton: Guess The Prices!

If you’ve been saving cash for your dream bag, Louis Vuitton is one of the brands to consider. It’s iconic, much respected, and one of the most recognized brands in fashion circles. Here’s throwing some light on the best bags from the fashion house, along with the amount of money you’ll have to shell out, for that long awaited buying.



Louis Vuitton Speedy is the most renowned brand among the other handbag labels. The classic bag is rectangular in shape, with two top handles.

The official website quotes the price from $765 to $2890.



Alma has a rectangular base and a curved crown that tapers. The patent leather finish makes the bag look especially chic.

The official website quotes the price from $1250 to $2730.



The understated and simple tote bag from LV is totally versatile. It can be folded from the sides, to form a different shape. It is entirely reversible.

The official website quotes the price from $800 to upwards.



Originally, the label began with luggage, and its classic example is the Keepall. Popular with rich and classy, it’s a large duffle bag that stores all your things.

Depending on the size, the website quotes the price from $1600 to $1900.



The Noé is one kickass bag. Originally designed to transport champagne, it has a long rectangular shape along with a drawstring top. Ultra chic, it is one must have.

The official website quotes the price from $980 to $2300.



This one’s a messenger bag, which is compact in size, and has a front flap along with leather strap fastenings. Also, it features the typical LV monogram print.

Price begins from $1350.