6 Beauty Products to Avoid During Pregnancy


There is a saying, ‘early pregnancy can cause diverse effect on the embryo’, if it’s not going through a healthy process. Decades ago, when researchers were churning the new discoveries, they found out the various chemicals, which could affect a mother’s womb in many ways. I understand how it feels to give birth to a new life, and to make the experience more beautiful. To make it a safe incident, avoid the following beauty products:

1. Luxury Products


Wow! Good news for all men. Researchers suggest that, during pregnancy, you should not use organic products; it can cause allergy, and risk your skin. All the pregnant ladies are advised to buy the products, which are formulated for children. It will not only save money, but also will lessen the side effects.

2. Tanning Procedures


The food and Drug Administration approved DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) chemical in tanning. When we talk about pregnancy, it’s important to watch our activities. Sun tanning may cause skin cancer; especially in pregnancy, body is more prone to attract illness. Spray on tans may cause a problem in the fetus. So, you should avoid these kinds of treatments while conceiving.

3. Skin Whitening Products


Skin lightening products contain high chemicals, which affect Enzymatic, which lead to darken your skin. A pregnant lady should wait until she gives birth. After giving birth to the baby, she can go with the beauty products, or skin actions.

4. Hair Removal


Hair removal products contain thioglycolic acid, and this chemical is not safe during pregnancy. Instead of using these harmful chemicals, ask your partner to help you in shaving the unwanted hair from your body. It will not only involve him with you, but also will let him feel the sensations of this beautiful moment.

5. Heavy Fragrances


Sometimes, we find that ladies love to live in their own sphere, filled with different kinds of fragrances. However, when we talk about pregnancy, it can affect the fetus because it works against the hormonal growth of an unborn child. It is advised to say ‘no’ to the heavy aroma around you, coming through the products like perfumes, deodorants, room fresheners, etc.

6. Tattoos


Doesn’t matter if you are tattoo lover, or you wish to get one. Remember, if you are conceiving a child, it’s not the correct time for you, to get a tattoo. You need to wait until you give birth to a healthy child. Tattoo cannot only cause severe infection to your body, but also can transmit various diseases (especially when you are pregnant). It’s not a wise decision to take any risk.

Hope you will follow all the dos and don’ts, and will enjoy these nine months, filled with the miracles.  Have a safe and healthy life!