6 Awesome Proposals To Make You Go Weak At The Knees

Being in love with a person, who is even more in love with you, is the best feeling to experience, into one’s life.

Let’s have a look at these awesome people and their lovely ways to express their love!

1. Airplane Proposal

This is a real cute proposal with a tinge of humor. I am sure that the lady couldn’t have thought of it ever!

2. A Flash Mob Proposal

For all those couples who love dancing, this is probably the fanciest way to express propose to your girl!

3. Building Lights

Wow! This must have required a LOT of planning, and I mean it- A LOT!

4. San Diego Proposal

This guy has made a lot of efforts, for the mysterious sweet proposal. Kudos to him, for raising our expectations on the way we want to be proposed!

5. A Movie Trailer Proposal

This one is my personal favorite. If your girl is the ‘filmy’ kind (And trust me most of them are), this would work right!

6. Air Force Cadet’s Proposal

That’s what happens when an air force cadet proposes! Winning all over!