6 Awesome Places in the World to Make your New Year Celebration Memorable

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New commitments are coming to your way, and the world seems to be more attractive to you now. The coming New Year, a bash…A celebration… And, a revolution in your life! So, this year if you hold an enormously strong financial plan, we give you some divine glimpses of heaven on earth.

To feel the extravaganza in some happening places, go through the glance one by one:

6. Niagara Falls at (Ontario, Canada)

Celebration gets doubled and tripled here. It’s a spectacular place and is the only one!  Having fun along with viewing the striking vista of the renowned Niagara Falls, USA, what else you could’ve ask for? And the park, Queen Victoria has so much to offer you with live sounds, fireworks, cuisines, etc, that’s nothing but just a delight. With more than 30,000 joiners, welcome your New Year with a blast. You know what the good news is……. it’s absolutely free! Those who’re in a more romantic and adult frame of mind, suitable options are available too, like Niagara Fallsview casino resort, casino Niagara, etc. Dinosaur Park, Niagara Skywheel are some places, which offer some exciting activities at Clifton Hill, especially for families.

5. Barcelona- (Spain)

Filled with zeal, zest and fervour, the energy meter goes beyond our imagination on this place. Plunge into the exclusivity of Barcelona, unlike in any other place. The mores are different here as dancing and carousing never ends. Late night family meals and hitting the clubs at early sundown is the culture. Though, the festive might be lil costlier for you, but if you want to avail all the fun…. don’t care about the funds now! Set up your New Year plan sooner, before the bookings get over.

4. Mānele Bay- (Lanai, Hawaii)

It’s a small picturesque island, with a real big heart. To ignite the spark between you and your love, it’s a perfect tender, New Year getaway. Lavish hotels catering to all your whims are just wonderful for couples and the complete family. Pineapple plantations and two luxury Four Seasons assets intensify your desirability as prime attractions. The serene tropical destination has been successful in quite less time to attract visitors from all corners of the world with temptations, like clean water for the ocean side love, pristine beaches for family pleasure and top-notch golf. New Year celebrations at Kailani Terrace, Manele Bay, with lots of fireworks and live music! Get it booked soon! Special delight for the kid’s celebration is the ‘Rockin New Year’s Eve’ organised by kids of  “All Seasons childcare”.

3. Rio, de Janerio- (Brazil)

Rio is an extraordinarily gorgeous site. Especially, it is known as one of the biggest party centres in the world. Beach parties, swim suits and bikinis, can be modelled here at night. And yes, choose the location carefully, as there are many options available. Brazilians know it very well, how to make you move throughout the night and even, during the day. Copacabana beach becomes your darling for the huge annual carnival. Music of different genres with ample activities keeps on stirring you. The famous samba, from the mid day, on the sand,  will make you groove and shake till all night long on the beaches.  11 barges with 1200 varieties of fireworks on four different arenas on this beach, all featuring different music……… Isn’t a celebration for a lifetime! Rio is incredible, amusing, booming and exceptional to greet every New Year.

2. Las Vegas- USA

A place where excitement is always on priority for festivities, the whole year round, and zest never go down while boogying. Diverse clubs, bars and casinos present galore awe-inspiring activities, shows and concerts to jazz up your special night in a unique way. The streets itself say their story, and it hardly takes a break from the perennial merry makings. Striptease will be there, complimenting with dazzling fireworks and celeb-parties. However, it will be closed down by 6.00 pm (so sad)! Original bands perform here, like ‘Rock sugar’ and Steel ‘Panther’ on Fermount Street. Buy your entries ASAP! The most amazing fireworks happen here, that goes without saying. ‘The Gucci show’ for about half an hour is the talk of the town. Music artist, like Jennifer Lopez, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, are superb enticements for all. 300,000 folks drink abundantly and exchange free hugs with each other. All in a good mood, visitors from across the globe, the excitement sets you on fire too.

 1.  Sydney- (Australia)