6 Amazing Health Benefits of Being Single


Have you ever thought of counting the benefits of being single? If you didn’t, then think of it! You can have lots of fun if you are single. You can dance crazily without getting conscious, flirt with cute guys around, and go on a trip with your friends to Goa or LA. Well! If we keep aside the fun part of being single, there are some health benefits too. So, if you are feeling gloomy because of not finding your special one, then just cheer up, reading these amazing benefits of being single.


1) Singletons Stay Fitter


There is a saying that when you get committed or married, you not only get a spouse but you also get extra weight to put on. It is been proved that women gain considerable amount of weight after they get married or committed. When you are committed or married, you get depressed on small things, and to ease your mind, you eat or gulp junk foods that increase your weight. Whereas, men don’t take much stress on small fights and thus, they remain healthy. Secondly, you won’t have time for workout because you will be busy satisfying your man. Well, it’s been proved that men gain more weight during break up or divorce. So, dump your depressing feeling of not having a guy, to remain fit.

2) Monitory Benefits


Well, if you are planning to get in a relationship, then before thinking about anything, just think of your finances. I guess everybody is aware of the huge amount that is needed to spend for your guy. You have to offer gifts, plan for you date, give surprises, arrange expensive return gifts, and there are uncountable places where you need to spend your money. I am sure that you are smart enough to count the expenses.  Imagine if it does not work, then all your expenses get worthless. You might be thinking that how this will affect your health? Girls, it would be really easy for you to remain healthy if you are wealthy.

3) Fewer Fights


I know it feels like crazy to yell at your guy; after all, it’s no fun to fight and shout over a person who doesn’t want to understand you. Researchers have proved that a stressful and unhealthy relationship is more injurious for health than smoking. Your heart becomes weak because of the stressful fights, and you might have headaches on regular basis. If you do not believe, then here is a piece of information- because of the stress out of marital or relationship’s issues, a woman tend to die four times early than the men. So, I guess none of you pretty ladies want to die so soon, and that also because of a stupid relationship.

4) More Buddies


If you are ignoring your friends for a romantic date, then it’s a classic sign of being in a relationship.  But, when the relationship becomes sore, then you obviously need shoulders of those friends to lie upon and shed tears. How sweet! First, you will ignore your friends and then later, when your guy ditches you, you need your friends to be in your side. Will not it appear a selfish behaviour? The researchers suggests that if you have strong ties with your friends, if you make new friends, and if you are surrounded by acquaintances, you tend to live more than the usual people who cry for their men all night long.  So, friends are not only for sharing your secrets or hanging outs, but they help to increase your life expectancy too.

5) Smaller Portions


In a relationship, a boy meets a girl as ‘a reel life story or a fairytale’ goes on. You fall in love with your boy, get married to him, and then live happily in the rest of your life. But, what the reel life stories or fairytales does not tell is that when we meet our special one, we tend to feast on king-size and calorific meals. Women gain weight when they begin with a relationship. Firstly, because you start eating the large portions of food and forget that the men can burn calories faster than women. Secondly, you will gain more weight because your guy will meet you regularly, and obviously, you will meet in a restaurant or fast food joints, and you will eat more and talk less. Did you know that an average Indian fast food contains 1.338 or more of calories, so I guess you aren’t be surprised to know the amount of extra pounds you might pill on. Well, if you remain single, then definitely you don’t have to guzzle those manly food portions.

6) Healing Powers


I don’t say that if you will be single, then you can cure nasty cuts or broken limbs with just a wink of your pretty eyes or with a sprinkle of some magic potion. But, if you are undergoing a bad relationship, then your body will take longer time to heal the injuries. Researchers say that a stressful relationship affects badly on your immune system, and I think you guys are aware of immunity. It’s medically proved that if you get a wound, then it takes two days longer to heal if you have a bad relationship, and if you are single and happy, then your wound will take a lot less time to heal. So, why to spoil our natural immunity system for some piece of crap, instead enjoy being single.

So, do we need more reasons to explain the health benefits of being single? If you want to remain healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest, then remain single for as long as possible.