6 Advantages of Women Education: Steps towards Discovering the Legends

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There are several magnetic personalities, which have marked their victorious foots on the pages of Indian history. Sarojini Naidu- ‘The Nightingale of India’, Kalpana Chawla, P.T. Usha, Sushmita Sen, Kiran Bedi…the list of the names is endless. They lifted the name of our country to the sky. These simple girls performed extraordinarily. They flew with wings because of their qualification. Instead of such inspirations, female education didn’t draw the indispensable attention. Education is the first and foremost step towards women’s empowerment; to understand how, go through the below points:


1.   An educated housewife proves more proficient in teaching her children, and in imparting values to him. An educated working woman experiences various affirmative effects. The impact is further facilitated to the family, society, and ultimately to the nation.

2.   As females are a different sex, their diverse viewpoints about various things differ as of man. This attribute arises multiple solutions, benefitting the society in greater extent. Only men’s perceptions of envisaging things can get humdrum. Leading this, we might miss a peripheral approach on things.

3.   ‘Women are better managers’, it’s true. Their significant roles in the organizations, signs the importance of women’s literacy.

4.   To maintain the equilibrium in our society, their participation is a significant feature for a family circle. With their effective views and decisions, they have promoted various fields like- politics, education, entertainment, social service, hospitality, etc.

5.   Women’s education also gives stimulus to those males, who do not hold positive opinion regarding women’s empowerment through education.

6.   The changes in orthodox mindsets will let those girls come out of their shells, who crave to see this amazing world. This way they’ll be able to give their contribution in making not only this nation, but this world, a beautiful planet.

The Story of an Icon: Duiji


Duiji- a kol tribal woman has transformed life of an entire community, with her fortitude and wakefulness. Duji amma is among those 1000 women, who’ve listed their names for the 2005 Nobel Laureate award. She fought for 12 years continuously, against the mistreatment. The 27 year old widow had undergone slavery and hunger, while working as a labourer for digging and breaking rocks. She battled against low wages.

Kol’ was considered as the inferior class. People, who belonged to this community, were treated akin to insects. She brought back the lost reputation of her community. It’s her efforts for education, that these people are no more afraid of the upper class brats. Females learnt to take part vigorously, in other communal dealings, for changing the scenario of the village. They deliberated education as a essential step in changing the scenario. The wonderful lady has worked a lot for diverse wellbeing schemes, for old and handicap individuals, along with assisting them.

Now, a number of children attend the schools. No doubt, for accentuating the change, and for bringing up a difference, education plays an imperative role.