5 Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage at Home

Weighing machine is definitely a tool to measure the exact weight loss, and is beneficial for those, who are obese. But, did you realize it is a torturous stick to measure weight, especially when it shows the same weight again and again, and thus, can cause psychological damage to your mind as well as body. Whenever you join a gym, you all time keep getting on the scale and when you don’t see the results, it irritates you. So, why don’t you just get off the stupid weighing machine that makes you depressed? Instead, try some other ways to check your health goals and trust me, these ways will be more fun than those weighing scales.


Here, I will tell you some ways through which, you can get off the scale and still attain your goals.

1. Take Pictures


Visual cues help in primary stimulation. Instead of watching the weighing machine, you should take pictures of yourself. The formula is that, we are proficient in observing volume rather than weight. When you go for a party and astoundingly take less space than what you did 6-7 months before, people will notice. Therefore, the idea is that you should click pictures of yourself and later compare them in a chronological order to check the status.

2. Measure the Body Part


It’s always suggested to measure the body part from where, you desperately wanna lose. Let it be your most problematic areas, such as hips, thighs, waist and tummy. When you will measure your trouble maker body parts in the beginning and measure them after a few months, you’ll love to see the little difference in your inches. Whatever your target area is, I would suggest you to measure it.

3. Buy New Stuff


Well, buying new clothes or getting fit into your old clothes give you an amazing feeling, trust me! When you feel that you have lost some weight than try to put on your old pants. See, if they fit you now. If they don’t, don’t lose hopes! Try harder. Further, go on a shopping and buy yourself some tight pants. Initially, you might feel uncomfortable in wearing them, but gradually, when you’ll start losing extra pounds and get fit into those tight pants, you’ll feel awesome. Old or new tight fitting clothes will help you in measuring your progress.

4. Avoid Loose-fitting Garments


If you think that loose-fitting clothes will make you look slimmer, then yes, I agree with you. But, do you know that if you will wear such clothes, it will spoil your weight check process. When you wear loose pants or tops, you make an extra room for other stuffs, like you will eat more because you aren’t scared of the bulges. In those ‘comfy clothes’, you are inclined to eat more. Whereas, if you wear tight clothes and do your daily chores in such clothes, you are less likely to gorge. So, stop wearing those comfortable clothes, if you truly want to measure your weight.

5. Strip down baby


Generally, women, who are obese, feel ashamed to look themselves naked in the mirror.  But, forget coyness and strip down often to check your body in the mirror. Don’t be ashamed as we all are beautiful, and we should feel lucky of what we have. You will get enthusiastic when you’ll see that your workout techniques are showing its miracle and you are looking great. When you will notice even a minor difference, you will be happy to see your naked body.