5 Ways to Bond Your Biological Child with an Adopted Child

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If you are parents of a biological child and planning to adopt a kid, then several questions might be arising in your mind….would adopting a child negatively affect my biological kid?….would my biological child accept the adoptive as his/her sibling?…. How will I get my biological child to bond with the espouse child? Your qualms are obvious. After all, it’s a very big decision! Accepting a change in life is difficult for everyone. But, children are flexible and if provided with right support, can take it easy.



Here are 5 ideas that will help you to link your biological child with the espouse child.

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1. Prepare Your Child


Before adoption, prepare your biological kid for a “SURPRISE!” Involve your child in welcoming the espouse child. Tell him/her that a new little guest is arriving soon to play, study and live with him/her. You can tell some stories about adoption. This will help your little one to understand the things and reduce the resentment.

2. Plan a Date


The more time your biological and adoptive children will spend together, the more emotionally attached they will be. You can plan a trip to the park for them. You can also give them some activity that involves their mutual help. All these ideas will help you in building a strong sibling relationship between them.

3. Celebrate


Celebrate birthdays, holidays, religious observances and other festivals in such a way that it leaves long lasting memories for the children. This will help the adoptive child in understanding the family culture. Also, it will bring both the kids closer.

4. Equal Focus


Pay equal attention to both the children. If you are preparing lunch of your adoptive child’s choice, the dinner should be of the choice of biological child. If your espouse child is little and requires more focus, then let your biological child know the reason why you are paying more focus on the new guest. Ask him that as he/she is elder, he/she should also take care of the little one. Don’t forget to tell that you love both of them equally.

5. Common Interest


Promote attachment and bonding between your kids through common hobbies and interests.

Remember, changes are accepted gradually and you can’t create strong bonding between adoptive and biological children, overnight. Give them some time to understand each other and continue your efforts to bring them closer. It’s not a difficult task, as it seems to be!