5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas You Must Try

1. Igloo House

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This will take you to another world where you can admire the surreal northern lights while cuddling in the warm bed with your spouse. Hotel Kakslauttanen situated in the Saariselkä fell region amidst Urho Kekkonen National Park is open from Dec to April and flaunts 20 glass igloos. Don’t worry about the cold as these are thermal powered and designed to keep you warm.


2. The Ice Hotel

Yes, we all love to experience the snowfall and throwing snowballs on each other but how about staying in a place made up of ice and lying on an ice bed. No kidding! It’s gonna be a lifetime experience and you’ll be amazed to encounter this astonishing work of human mind. The Ice Hotel, situated in the Quebec City (Canada), is built each year in December and opens by January for tourists. You may feel like you are living on a different planet as everything is made up of ice, yes, the furniture and your beer mug too!


3.  Underwater Suite

Maldives Island is a popular resort for honeymooners, so what’s unconventional about it! Eh? Well, here is… how about staying inside the water and soaking up the world of mermaids and coral reefs. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island turns their underwater restaurant into a two people honeymoon suite upon request. So if you plan to live sixteen feet below the Indian Ocean and let the fishes watch your nights, this is the place for you!


4. Haunted Destinations

Let’s skip the lovey dovey and embrace the thrill and horror on your honeymoon. Oh no! don’t worry, you’ll have the nights to yourself, we are not calling some spirits here. If you wanna go the unconventional way you have a lot of options where you can stay in a haunted place and let your mind revive the irrational fears. The adrenaline is guaranteed in this one! Strictly not for the fainthearted! Be it the framed tower of London, Leland Stanford mansion or the legendary Whaley house, a spooky vacation is supercool!


5. Honeymoon on Space

If you are not satisfied with the prior ideas this one is gonna blow your mind. We talk about other-worldly places all the time so why not make it literal. Yes! You can plan a space honeymoon if your fortune allows you to spend 20 to 30 million USD. There are a number of orbital tourism companies like space X, space island group, ARCA, virgin galactic, etc. Needless to say, it is gonna be an out of the world experience!