5 Types of Gifts for Your Man According to His Temperament

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Be it a college going girl, or a typical ‘MNC’ professional female, owning more than one guy friend, is a trend. To choose a present for all your guy friends, is not a piece of cake. The task gets doubled, when they’re in large numbers. In these circumstances, you need to choose a gift, which is according to the taste of your different guy friends. From the elongated list, we’ve chosen the most best ones.

Given below are the personalities, which you come across:

1. A Fitness Freak

This is the character, which girls often find in their male friends. For such friends in your life, you can go with a present related to their health like- gadgets, a bag, a track suit, or some healthy protein drinks. Remember, guys are obsessed for their fitness.

2. A Technical Person

The technology is getting advanced every day. When you’re hooked up with your cell phones, or iPod for hours, then why to blame Guys. If there is a friend in your life, who is in absolute love with gadgets, then gift him a small, and low-cost wireless head phones. You can also choose from a vast range of gadgets like- iPod, cameras, or watches.

3. An Artistic Type

A friend, inclined towards artistic gears, gives you multiple options to go. You can buy a range of material suiting to his artistry. For painters, you can buy canvases, colors  paint brushes and even books of various pictures, to give him some ideas. Someone interested in singing, then gift him CDs of his favorite songs, or DVDs to practice dance for your dancer friend will show, how much you  value their passion.

4. For Cooks

Cooking belongs to females, but there are men, who cook yummy food. If your friend also keeps interest in preparing cuisines, then you can present him a complete cooking package with instructions and recipes, or equipment.

5. Very Geek

A romantic, thrilling, intellectual novel or a magazine of his choice, is an ideal gift for someone, who is always stuck with some reading materials. Make sure, you gift him something of his liking, whether it be-  a fiction or a non-fiction reading stuff.

To impress a man, is to uphill a battle. Do not offer them something, which is not of their use, or which may turn them off. Try to know their hidden talents and desires; we are sure,  you will be the dearest for all of them.