5 Tips To Help you Wear Sequins in the Daytime

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If you love bling, but fear looking over the top, we can help you strike the right balance, and enjoy what you love wearing best. Many of us prefer wearing sequins and shimmer in the evening, and do enjoy taking out the shiny numbers in the daytime. If you’re worrying about those days, or have ever found yourself in such a situation, we’re right here to help you out.

1. Go the matte!


The first requirement to flaunting your sequins during the day is to pick the sequins that have a matte finish because it is important to choose them wisely. Bling, that is less reflective, will not appear too glitzy and will be more wearable during daytime. It will not shimmer much but will still be chic.

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2. Keep them sparse


Blazers or tops that are out, and out sequins might not be easy to carry during daylight. Pick clothes that have a few, far placed, or sparse sequins, while wearing them for outdoor events. Small patches and thin lined patterns work well. After all, you wouldn’t want to compete with sunshine, would you?

3. Pair them with your denims


A quick way to tone down the shimmer from your piece of outfit is to pair them with denim. This is a sure shot way to make you look subtle and not in-your-face too. If you’re wearing a jacket or top which is full of sequins, pair it with your most favorite, well fitted denim, and if it’s a dress, couple it with a nice denim jacket. You can complete your look by taking help of smart, light accessories.

4. Don’t wear high heels


First it’s bling, then it’s the stilettos…There’s no way you’ll ever look casual in that attire. It’ll be like  ensemble normal people wear for a night around town. Another way to make you more presentable for a daytime event is to avoid those heels. Be informal by giving a chance to those flats or low heels.

5. Layering helps


If your outfit is more statement making and less laid back (we get it, sequins are hardly like that), the easy option is to layer it with other clothes. It has to be more of a “peek-a-boo” than “hey, am the shiniest object in the whole world” thing. So if, it’s a sequin tank top, throw over a deep necked tee on it, or put an open shirt (or jacket) that would go well with the shimmer. It surely is a cool way to try the trend!

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