5 Things Your Guy is Afraid to do in Front of You!

I’ve always seen guys gushing about how women are afraid to do certain things in front of men… Farting for instance! 😛 Well, yes maybe we are, but who says that guys are the fearless creatures that they claim to be? Not me! Let’s have a look at a few things (of lot) the guys don’t wanna do in front of girls.

1.      Cry

Isn’t it the biggest fear of guys to cry in front of women? Crying is weak and guys just can’t accept to be weak in front of women. I mean, come on! So that doesn’t mean they don’t cry… They do, just steal a peek in the bathroom at the right time, and you will catch him red handed!

2.      Checking out Facebook


Well, girls are equally guilty of this crime, so this is a mutual one. Obviously, the guy wouldn’t want you to know that he is flipping through the pictures of his high school hotties! Or you never know who might pop up in the chat window! 😉

3.      Watch a Girly Movie

No matter if the movie is as great as ‘The Notebook’, a guy would always shirk away from watching a girly chick flick with you. Wanna try? Try watching ‘mean girls’ with him next time.

4.      Showing they are in Pain

Am talking physical pain here… The one they get while lifting suitcases or when they meet a small accident. Some guys might admit that it hurts, but they just won’t show how much it is hurting and will play it cool. After all, it’s so not supermanly if they get a muscle pull while picking groceries. Oh wait! Maybe coz they are NOT superman! :p

5.      Asking for Directions

Even when they’ve completely lost the way, they’d pretend they know it just right. I guess they are supposed to be fitted with a GPS or something. Men like to be in charge so it’d be so unmanly to ask for directions. Stupid! But well tats how dudes are!