5 Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Massage To Your Newborn

“There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit – and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.”  – Virginia Kelley

Every mom wants her new born to grow quickly and healthy. Massaging in the right manner is very essential for the proper development of your baby. Massage helps your little one in breathing rhythmically, boosting immunity, building brain, and stimulating growth promoting hormones. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening your emotional bonds with the infant.

1. Right Time Of Massage


Say a big “No” to massaging your baby just after or before a meal or when your baby needs a snooze. Infants should not be massaged if they are just fed; give the gap of at least half an hour. The baby feels happy after taking a bath, so it is the appropriate time to give a healthy massage.

2. Choose the Perfect Massage Oil


The massage oil should be anti-allergic and compatible with the skin of your baby.

Various branded baby oils are available in the market like Himalaya, Pigeon, Chicco, and Johnson & Johnson. Before purchasing any massage oil, consult a doctor.

You can use olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil in summers, and mustard oil in winters, for massaging your newborn.

3. Create an Ideal Massage Environment


The place of massage should be comfortable.

Keep the room temperature warm.

You can play soft music. Alternatively, sing or talk with your baby.

First of all, make yourself comfortable. Place a thick cloth or towel on your lap. Take the baby on your lap and begin to massage.

Ensure your hands are warm.

4. Learn the Correct Technique

Remove your rings and bangles as they may hurt your little one. Maintain an eye- contact with your infant while massaging. Don’t put oil in baby’s ears, navel, and nose.

Massage Techniques for Face and Head


Produce light pressure on the baby’s face, with the help of your fingertips. Begin the strokes- start from the brow- line and end  to the head. Trace from the bridge of the nose; slowly move towards the cheekbone, continuing towards his/her ears. Make the circular movements around the infant’s mouth.

Massage Techniques for Legs


Take some oil in your hands and wrap them around one of his/her thighs and pull downwards, one hand after the other. You can also gently press the legs towards baby’s belly.

Massage Techniques for Feet


Use slow, gentle, and firm strokes to massage baby’s feet. Smoothly massage the soles of the foot in a circular motion, using your thumb.

Massage Techniques for Arms



Begin producing gentle strokes from the baby’s shoulders and down to the hands. Take one arm in your hands and pull them from baby’s armpit to the wrist. Gently rotate his/her wrist in each direction, for a few seconds.

Massage Techniques for Chest and Stomach


Put your hands over baby’s heart. Starting from the centre, stroke outwards the chest and slowly moves down to the stomach. Tummy strokes should be in circular clockwise motion.

Massage Techniques for Back


Roll your baby to get him/her on the tummy. Using your fingertips, make gentle stokes on either side of his/her spine from the neck to down the buttocks. Finish with the firm strokes, from shoulders to feet.

5. It Should Be Regular


Massage is not beneficial until and unless it is done on the regular basis. If not daily, you must massage your infant 3 to 4 times a week. A complete baby massage should last in about 15-20 minutes.