5 Things That Make People Stupidly Crazy About iPhones

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iPhone has totally changed the way we use a phone. Since the release of the first one in 2007, many series came and rocked the market. We all see people around us getting overwhelmingly crazy over iPhones. Some even don’t mind standing in line for 24-48 hours to grab it on the very first day of its release. Do you know what killer features make it so popular among the youth? Here, we have compiled a list of things that make people across the world go gaga over the iPhone.

1. Uniqueness

iPhone has some unique features like making custom vibrations and ability to control the screen by tilting your head. It helps counteract every other new market release. Although, Android has a massive market share and runs on a greater number of devices, but still, the best new apps tend to launch on iPhone.  Apple’s “incremental” tiny innovations every year adds up to big things that do not let any other phone beat it.

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2. Status Symbol

Technology is meant to make things easier for humans but now it has become the status symbol. Owning an iPhone sets you apart from rest of the crowd and gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction. Isn’t that so? China, being the biggest user of iPhones in the world, has now overthrown the USA. Also, in India, its sales had increased to 400% in 2013. Apple has reached a height, where a luxury product has turned into a symbol of wealth.

3. Anti-Theft

Apple’s “Kill Switch” feature is highly effective in keeping the thefts away. Apart from tracking a GPS location to the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, it also has “self-destruct” attribute that command the iPhone to wipe out everything stored.

4. Highly-Secured

Apple’s iOS is considered as one of the most secured operating systems. Unlike, numerous Android hackings, it has only been hacked by NSA. This feature makes iPhone more alluring to its users.

5. iPhone App Development

App developers show a keen interest in iPhone application development as they are paid more as compared to Android app developers. Due to this, the availability of best apps is more on Apple phones, which consequently attracts users.

Besides these 5, there are several other reasons why a technophile prefers to buy iPhone instead of Android phone. They are – great cameras, no bloatware, better software and hardware integration, and works seamlessly with Macs.