5 Reasons Why Liquid Eyeliner is Better than Other Options

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You pick eyeliners based on your familiarity with the product, and ease in using it. It is acceptable, if you are using powdered eyeliner, based on your usage experience. But, if you’re picking it, just because of your ignorance about the benefits that liquid eyeliner offers, then it is unreasonable.

Explore benefits of liquid eyeliner and then make a choice.

1. Smooth Application


Putting liquid eyeliner is very easy. You can apply it gently on your eyelids. Also, there is no chance of missing the application portion with liquid eyeliners.  On the other hand, you need to pull your eyelids, in order to apply powdered eyeliner.

2. Clumps-free


Since, liquid eyeliner is in a liquid form, it does not clump. Eyeliner of good quality flows smoothly, even on its 11th application, as it did on the first. The problem with powdered eyeliners is that they form small clumps along the eyelids, thereby ruining the expected smooth effect.

3. Waterproof Coverage


Most of the branded liquid eyeliners come up with the waterproof feature. This feature is hard to get with powder-based eyeliners.  With liquid liners, you need not to worry about smudging in rain shower or sweat in hot weather. As all brands don’t offer water-resistant eyeliner, hence, assuming the water-proof feature in very liquid eyeliner, don’t go on picking randomly any brand.

4. Easy Clean-up


Liquid eyeliner comes off easily and quite readily, when removed using a makeup-remover. On the other hand, powdered eyeliner requires a bit of rubbing.

5. Bolder Colors


A wide range of colors is available in liquid eyeliners. Hence, in comparison to powdered eyeliners, you can enjoy more options in liquid liners, to give bolder and sharper statement to your eyes. They are subtle and give more defined touch to your make-up.

I hope I’ve given you enough reasons to think and pick liquid eyeliner, next time.