5 Reasons Why Do People Over Eat and How to Combat the Problem?

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When we are hungry, we eat. When we want to celebrate, we eat. When we are sitting idle, then too, we eat. Eating is good for your health, but, when it gets ‘over’, it becomes ‘overeating’. There are several situations, like emotional, social or physiological that triggers us to gorge.

Today, I am going to tell you five reasons that why do people overeat and what can be done to overcome the problem?



Reason #1


Studies have shown that if you are very much social, then, there is a big chance that you are an overeater. People keep on hogging while socializing. Whilst being a part of a social gathering, they tend to eat more and more, pizza from one corner while spaghetti red sauce pasta from the other.

Solution: If you are amongst those, who eat a lot while socializing, then you should stand away from the food counters in a gathering. You should eat something before going to the party, so that you can resist overeating.

Reason #2

Woman lying on sofa eating popcorn, reflection in glass coffee table

Another study has shown that people, who get bored and have nothing to do, eat more. A person eats just to kill time. You must have observed that when you are sitting idle at home, you bring those Act 2 popcorns and start munching. This also leads to overeating because you’re eating not because you are hungry, but because you are getting bored.

Solution: Keep yourself indulged into recreational activities, such as exercising, dancing or reading, so that you don’t get bored and have quality time to spend on pursuing your hobbies.

Reason #3


Some people (in fact, most of the people) these days are so busy and preoccupied with work that they don’t have time for self as well for their relatives and family. Hence, in such a situation, people tend to eat more and more to come out of the emotional stress that falls on them for ignoring the relationships.

Solution: When you face a bad day at work or a trouble in relationships, it’s better to share with a best friend rather than making food your friend and hogging for the whole day.

Reason #4


Research has shown that people tend to gorge without thinking and realizing that what they are eating. In such a situation, they eat more and more. Whatever food comes their way; they just eat, eat, and eat, which eventually leads to overeating habits.

Solution: Check the calorie level of the food each time before gobbling it up. Simply give your mouth some task to do, like chewing gum or humming. It will prevent you from overeating.

Reason #5


Some people eat for the sake of their own comfort. It means that there are some people, who do not want to burst out into tears or express their emotions in front of others. Eventually, they develop eating habits in excess and tend to become overeaters.

Solution: This type of problem can be conquered by going on de-stress mission, such as practicing yoga or consulting a therapist for the same.