5 Pocket Friendly Dating Ideas that do not Cost more than a Dime

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With the price –hike in the economy, you may feel depressed that you cannot afford to shower your sweetie with gifts anymore. Believe me; you still have ample of “romantic dates’ ideas”, without spending a penny.

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1.     Photo tour


Romance does not cost you anything. Go for a walk with your lover, to a nearby park. Figure out all the scenic places to see, while you both are together. Now, put on the camera and take pictures together. Make your clicks cute, adorable, or silly!

2.     Living- room dinner


You can always go to a hotel for a marvellous dinner, but when you run out of money, you can plan up a warm dinner at your living-room’s floor. Lay a cosy blanket on the floor. Arrange the comfy pillows against the wall.  To add some more romance, turn on dim lights. And most importantly, cook something that you know he/she would love to eat.

3.     Terrace star gazing


It would make the night memorable for both of you. Cuddle him; love him, while you gaze the stars in the moon light. He will love it. Romancing under the night sky is surprisingly sexy and erotic.

4.     Play and be a child


We love swings- rides and merry go round. Right! Most of the schools allow people to use their play ground after the school timings. Have a fun! Run around; go down the slide and push each other, while you swing. You will be lost in the world of ‘sweet- 16’.

5.     Night games


No matter how old you are, playing exciting games in mid-night is a fun. Play truth and dare. Make your own questions like- “what do you look for in a girl the most?” Create a pile of fascinating questions and know what your partner thinks about you. Take it in a positive way.

All this cost nothing but ‘affection and love’, which brings you and your lover close. What’s your idea of pocket friendly dating? Do tell!