5 Pairs of Stunning Flats to Flaunt

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Who says that style is reflected only by wearing those high-heels and zippered boots? Style gets reflected by your attitude, the way you carry yourself and your attire. You can flaunt equally well in a pair of flats. You just need to have the right taste of wearing right flats for the right occasion. Here are some gorgeous pairs of flats that you can flaunt.

1. The Rebecca Minkoff Irma Flat


Look at the stunning pair of flats! Aren’t they just mind-blowing? Subtle and fresh, minty color goes impeccably with the popping gold. It is simply perfect to compliment with the pair of skinny jeans.

2. The Steve Madden Kstudd Flat


Beige is no longer the sweaty and boring when it comes to footwear. This sassy pair of flats is oozing out the class and elegance. The studded beads are just enough to make them one of the hot selling and classiest pieces of flats.

3. Nina Pepper


This pair of flats is so chic and comfy that you are not going to miss your heels anymore. It’s a ballet flat with padded insole to ensure the soft feel and comfort. The simple class and comfort is combined in a pair with lots of glamour by Nina Shoes.

4. Fendi Brown Zucca Canvas Patent Trim Flats


If you’re looking for something highly fanciful and the one that you can transit from summers to winters, then these oh-so-stylish flats are made just for you. Moreover, you get the Fendi patent logo to flaunt as you wear them to the markets and high-streets.

5. The Betsey Johnson Caddy Flat

flats-stunning-5Betsy Johnson has always been adored for his embellishing styles. This pair of the flat is no exception as it has got the plethora of sophistication and a blink of gold in it, to suit every personality.