5 Movies Featuring Differently-abled Child

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Films are a reflection of the society. They represent aspirations, contradictions, frustration and hopes, prevailing in the society. Movies carry a potential appeal for the audiences. The emotions in cinemas are depicted in such a manner that it leaves a long term impact on the mind of the young generation. Various sensitive and social issues have been covered in Bollywood movies and it helped a lot in bringing social reforms.

Here are some movies that features differently-abled child.

1.    Barfi!


Barfi! is a story of the relationship between an autistic heroine (Priyanka Chopra) and a dumb and deaf hero (Ranbir). This film has brought autism in the notice of the public and has increased awareness about this disease. In this movie, the differently-abled characters have been seen from a different perspective. The movie conveys the message that a normal person takes much longer to be happy but individuals with special abilities find happiness even in small things. For them, every moment of life is a celebration.

2.    Koi Mil Gaya


I’m sure that you have still not forgotten that Jadoo! Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) played the role of a child with limited intellect and developmental disability. His mother (Rekha) grows up him with a loving heart. Rohit discovers an old computer of his father and decides to learn and use it. Nisha (Preity Zinta) helps him a lot. The movie leaves a message that differently-abled child possesses several specialized skills and they can be a pride of our country. These children don’t expect any kind of sympathy from the society; they require only a little support.

3.    Black


Before the release of “Black”, very few people were aware of the Alzheimer’s disease. This movie has created a great awareness about this disease among the common man. The role of mute, blind, and deaf character, Michelle, played by Rani Mukherji and the role of Michelle’s teacher, Debraj (Amitabh Bachchan) are the milestone in the cinema world. According to Rani, “Doing Black made me realize that we, the supposedly normal and successful people, are insecure every day, whereas the physically or mentally challenged go through a different, far greater turmoil and are much stronger as human beings.”

The movie conveys the message that if differently-abled children are brought up with care and affection, they can do better in their life.

4.    Taare Zameen Par


It is a story of a dyslexic child Ishaan (Darsheel Sarfary), who is mistreated and misunderstood by his friends, classmates, teachers, and even his own parents. Ishaan’s brother, on the flip side, is very sincere and everybody loves him. The movie depicts how Ishaan overcomes his obstacles with the help of his teacher (Aamir Khan) and finally, wins the heart of everyone.

Instead of getting obstinate and bigoted, parents and teachers should try to understand the problem of the differently-abled child. Don’t underestimate their talents. Provide them right direction and guidance. That is what, the movie conveys us.

5.    Iqbal


Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade), a deaf and dumb, is determined to fulfill his dreams of becoming a bowler in Indian cricket team. But, his father doesn’t understand his passion for cricket and wants Iqbal to become a farmer like him. With the help of Mohit (Naseeruddin Shah), Iqbal finally get success in making a place in the national cricket team.

The movie is a motivation for all the differently-abled children, who feel reluctant to realize their dreams, just because of their disability.