5 Makeup Tips for Tomboys

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Are you tired of your tomboy looks? Do you get horror-struck when you spend more than a minute in front the mirror? Well, I agree, not all gals like to dress up like divas and to stay glamorous. Being a tomboy doesn’t mean that you deprive all that girly bit of you. With my few tips and advices you can look a bit girly at the same time carry your tomboyish style!!
1. Tinted Lips                                                       
Add some color and sheer to your lips. Make sure that you are not walking with plain and dry lips. Splash your lips with light shades to add sheer to your tomboy image. Don’t hesitate to color up girls!!

2. BB Cream

Do you hate the idea of being called “DAAKOO” with your face wrapped up in scarf?? Then try this BB cream, it not only gives a matte look but also will save you from the tanning while you step out of the house.  

3. Paint your Nails     I know this is next to impossible for a tomboy image!! A nail paint need not be pink or red all you can think off… go for subtle colors like plums, browns or silver. You will look girly in seconds… trust me gals!!

4. Hair Care                                                               
Now, hair care doesn’t mean wearing unique hairstyle every day or decorating your hair with various hair accessories. Keep it plain and sexy. Keep your hair well trimmed. Condition your hair weekly. Don’t mess up like a clown.

5. Defined Eyebrows

Messy eyebrows make you look clumsy and sloppy. Get your eyebrows thread in time. Carry tweezers if going to a beauty parlor irritates you. Plucked eyebrows make a huge difference to get an instant girly look. Also define your eyes with kohl and mascara.  

I am sure that by now you must have understood that doing a little make up is not a nightmare anymore!! Playing with colors can be fun and at the same time boosts your confidence too. Break the ice gals…! tomboys too can be stylish in their own ways.