5 Leftover Fruits that can Impart You Beautiful Skin

A glass of fruit juice every day is a sure shot promise to a beautiful and healthy skin. You know this! How about a fruit facial or a massage with a fruit pulp? What can be a better treat to your skin other than fruits, which are free from toxins and do not pose any harmful effect on the skin, as pose by chemical beauty products. The fragrance of the fruits is so pleasant that it distresses your whole day tiredness. Unlike the chemical ‘skin care’ products, fruits are economical and bring a noticeable difference on the skin.



Here, we have listed down the fruits, which offer several benefits to your skin. Opt for those that suit you best.

1. Leftover Banana


Banana is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Face mask of the fruit

  • Moisturizes the skin, leaving it more hydrated and softer.
  • Exfoliates the layer of dead skin cells, giving you a younger and fresh look.
  • Protects the skin from sun burn.

2. Leftover Lemon


Lemon leftover is rich in Vitamin C and minerals, offering multiple health benefits to the skin. Some of the beauty benefits are as follows.

  • Removes blackheads.
  • Lightens up facial freckles and wrinkles (Boiled milk + lemon juice/ almond oil).
  • Brighten up the facial, elbow and knee skin.
  • Acts as a natural toner for oily skin (Honey +Vodka +Distilled water+ Hazel)
  • Moisturizes skin (Lemon + olive oil + Honey).
  •  Exfoliates the dead skin layer (lemon juice + a tsp of sugar).
  • Prevents pimples.
  • Enhances the skin elasticity and prevent loosening of the skin.

Dilute the lemon juice with water, if your skin is sensitive to acid (citric), present in it. Lemon makes skin more sensitive to sunlight; hence, you’re advised to avoid its application, just before stepping out.

3. Leftover Papaya


Papaya is recommended to all those ladies out there, who wish for glowing and radiating skin. Who doesn’t?  The ‘papain’ enzyme of the fruit acts directly on the skin and offers following benefits.

  • Revitalises skin cells, erasing the signs of aging.
  •  Cleanses skin, improving the texture.
  • Removes blemishes, making the skin radiant.

Mash the papaya pulp and store it in refrigerator.  Some garlic and orange leftovers can be added to increase its longevity.

4. Leftover Oranges


Orange belongs to the same family from which, lemon belongs. Both fruits offer natural treatment for dazzling skin. Apply orange juice and seek the flowing benefits.

5. Leftover Mangoes


Mango is the ‘King of Fruits’ in a true sense. It is delicious to eat and does wonders to skin, when applied. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, it helps your skin in the following manner.

  • Fights against the ageing process of the skin.
  • Restores and maintains the elasticity of the skin.