5 Ideas to Remove Child’s First Day School Jitters

A group of children getting onto a school bus

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So, you’ve picked the best school for your child! You don’t even realize when your little prince or angel grow up this big, that they finally go to the school for the first time! The first day of the school is really a big day for both: child and parent. You are delighted! But those tears in your kid’s eyes might make you a bit nervous. The following tips will definitely help you to get your child rid of first day school fears and jitters.


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1. Discuss Happy Memories of Your School


Create positive impression of the school in child’s mind by discussing your own happy and cheerful memories of the school. Tell him/her how much your first teacher liked you, which games you played during break time and how many new friends you made on the first day of school.

2. Visit the School with Your Child in Advance


This will make your child familiar with the looks of the school. Show him/her the classroom and introduce him to the teacher, so that on the first day, he/she easily recognizes the teacher.

3. School-like Environment


Get your child used to school-like routine at home, before commencement of the school. Give him/her small tasks like reading a book, painting, etc. Let the child learn how to get dressed, recognize his/her name, pack the school bag, etc.

4. Shop Together


Shop for school supplies with your kid! Allow him/her to choose his or her favourite stuffs (name stickers, bags, bottles, pencil cases, etc.) for school. This will make him/her excited.

5. Be There


Before your kid goes inside the school, say a quick bye to him/her. Don’t extend it, otherwise your child will feel nervous. Don’t forget to assure him/her that after the school, you’ll be there on time to pick him/her up from school.

Don’t get sentimental in front of your child. Let him/her go to school with a sweet smile….!